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Artist: Cambryn

Just Ignore Him, Harry

The Ravenclaw Girls

Lily Evans

Mrs Black

Tonks in a Striped Scarf

Dumbledore's Woes

Neville Kicking Butt

A Dark Lord in the Making

Luna and her Mum

Hermione Reading

Happy Birthday, Harry!

Harry and Ginny in a Photobooth

Sirius In Azkaban

Regulus - The Decision

Ginny Strangling a Rooster

Tonks in a Scarf

Harry and Ginny on a Couch


Having Trouble Sleeping

Unobtrusive Affection

Alone On a Fall Day

Bring It

Bill and Fleur

Cho in Traditional Robes

Ron and Hermione

A Hero


Saying Goodbye

At the Ministry of Magic

After the Duel

Dancing at the Wedding

Mad Scientists

An Unexpected Kiss

Neville and Luna

Narcissa - Where Fasion and Pregnancy Meet



A Kiss

Harry and Ginny Flying

I Knew This Would Happen

After Practice

A Perfect Evening - in Colour

Fenrir Greyback #2

Tonks at Work

Harry and Ginny Studying for OWLs

Lucius Being Led to Azkaban

Neville and Trevor

A Perfect Evening

Mermaids are Ugly


Ginny's Impression of Fleur

Weasley Sketches

A Kiss on the Nose

Remus and Tonks

Ew! Hepzibah and Tom

Pretty Molly

The Forgotten Marauder

The Slug Club Compartment


Hermione conjuring canaries

Regulus' last stand


You make me cry - Tonks

Sirius being cool - in colour

When Remus lost control

Alone - Ginny after the funeral

Young Remus

The kiss

Sirius being cool

Young Snape

Luna in her Muggle apparel

Tonks es cool

Fenrir Greyback

Bill Weasley post HBP

At Dumbledore's tomb - pg 9

At Dumbledore's tomb - pg 8

At Dumbledore's tomb - pg 7

At Dumbledore's tomb - pg 6

At Dumbledore's tomb - pg 5

At Dumbledore's tomb - pg 4

At Dumbledore's tomb - pg 3

At Dumbledore's tomb - pg 1

At Dumbledore's tomb - pg 2

Tonks subdued

We just can't be together, Tonks

Bill Weasley

Bellatrix post Azkaban

Ginny gardening

Rather studly Sirius

Sexy Sirius

Catching each other's eyes

Sirius in Grimmauld Place



Viktor Krum

Ginny - love her, don't hate her

I'll carry that - oof!

My dear, you have the Grim - again

Mad-Eye Moody with a stick

Well spotted, Ron!

Ginny gets the Snitch

Ginny and Tom


Bellatrix, Narcissa and Andromeda

Moaning Myrtle

A Griffin

That tigress - Molly Weasley

Poor Harry

Sirius and Molly having it out

Cho Chang

Sirius has been drinking

Remus again

The champions

Vernon Dursley

The Black family portrait

Madam Rosmerta

Madame Maxime


Perfectly ridiculous charicatures

Artist: Capramagus

"Your good health, Harry"

Dumbledore, as portrayed by Patrick Stewart


Sirius Black, fresh out of Azkaban

Wolfsbane Potion

Snape and Narcissa

"That's what's causing all the mist"

Artist: CauldronCakeBaker

Artist: Chella Reaves


Portrait of Lily

The Yule Ball

Fleur in water

The Burrow

Artist: ChessaB

Poor Snivellus

Post Yule Ball

Cartoonish Ron

After the Storm

Weasley is our King

The Prophesy

The Chocolate Egg

Seamus and Lavender

Artist: chocolatecheese

Ginny with Quaffle

Through the Mirror

Artist: CloudieStrife

Sweet manipulation

Young Remus scribbling

Ginny with rooster


Artist: Coda


James and Lily, Pregnant


Ron's Teapot


Artist: Craisin

The happy family

An excess of Phlegm

Lily and James... in love?

Artist: Crookshanks

Blushing Bride

Why Am I Even Here?




A Superior Smirk

Narcissa - Alone

Goodbye, Fawkes

Phoenix Tears

Fawkes in Flight


Cedric's Girl

Gone Flying


Wotcha Harry!

Ophelia Ginny

Hermione portrait


Lily Potter

Green eyes

Ickle Won Won

Artist: crumpetbeast

Order of the Phoenix members


Dreamy Luna Lovegood