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Artist: Daedalus's Lament

Narcissa Malfoy


Draco Malfoy

Madam Pomfrey


Madam Hooch

Lucius Malfoy

Artist: DeeDeeWeasley87

Weasley Family Portrait

Narcissa, the Lonely Bride

Ron and Hermione

We'll Miss You

Ginny and Harry

Ginny-Sandy and Harry-Danny

Lavender and Parvati

DA Girls

Dudley Dursley

First Date - Molly and Arthur

Artist: DKCissner

Weasley Is Her King

The Trio - First Year

The Trio - Fourth Year

Ron's Girlfriend

The Break Up

I'm Scared For You

See You After Class

Arthur and Molly



May I Have This Dance?

Harry's Girl

Artist: DSDragon

The Hall of the Phoenix