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Artist: Wandrin_Dreamer

Mourning Sirius

Artist: WidowBlack

Pinky Love

Poor First Year

Sirius Black

First Letter


Snape's worst memory

Full moon tonight

Artist: WolfenMoondaughter

Ron and Mione - Finally

The End of the Marauders

Ginny, the Phoenix Animagus

Portrait of Fleur - B &W

Portrait of Fleur - Colour

A Portrait of Harry

The Yule Ball

Draco Crying in the Boys' Bathroom

The Kiss

Snape and his Pensieve

Ron and Hermione: Lost and found

Ron and Harry: Brothers

Ron and Hermione reuinted

Fawkes in flight


Buckbeak and Draco


The trio

Draco, Pansy and Snape

Ron and Hermione kissing

Artist: woolfric

Portrait of Harry

Portrait of Harry 2