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DH - I Wish by Ellaine

reviews for DH - I Wish by Ellaine

Thursday 24th June 2010 11:03
DH - I Wish
yeah, I bet he does. I also bet if James looked in the mirror he would also see Lily. By the by, nice touch with the whole 'Lily doesn't love me she's in love with my sworn enemy' thing

Thursday 2nd October 2008 22:01
DH - I Wish
wow that is so heartbreakingly beautiful.
I am completly serious in saying I teared up when I saw it.
It is just so sad, my heart goes out to Snape.
You are very talented and this is a very inspired piece of art!

Saturday 24th November 2007 19:58
DH - I Wish
aaaawwwww this is soooo sweet
i love how it shows Snape in a different light

Saturday 24th November 2007 19:42
DH - I Wish
Sooooo sad!

Monday 19th November 2007 18:49
DH - I Wish
I'm a SeverusLily supporter, so I love this - but even if I wasn't a fan of this pairing I'd say this is a beautiful illustration.

Wednesday 3rd October 2007 12:15
DH - I Wish
This is so heartbreaking. One of my favorite pictures.

Saturday 8th September 2007 12:23
DH - I Wish
too perfeat

Monday 3rd September 2007 18:13
DH - I Wish
wow this is the best artwork for herry ginny that I've seen on
I really could see the tone and you said volumes with the body languge. In fact, Now Im going to look if you have anymore peices. Fantastic!

Sunday 2nd September 2007 11:07
DH - I Wish

I suppose not so many of us HP fans ever gave much thought as to what Snape would see in the Mirror of Erised. Very poignant and beautifully done.

Saturday 1st September 2007 23:24
DH - I Wish
Very emotional and moving with no words or description. The very essence of what art is.

Friday 31st August 2007 11:00
DH - I Wish
Oh, I feel so bad for poor Snape. As much as he'd hate it, he really was quite noble.

Thursday 30th August 2007 12:09
DH - I Wish
This is really brilliant!

Wednesday 29th August 2007 13:41
DH - I Wish
Such a wicked piece of art - Sev actually looks heartbroken!!

High Five!

Tuesday 28th August 2007 08:05
DH - I Wish
THAT is gorgeous.

Tuesday 28th August 2007 07:18
DH - I Wish
That is beautiful, just how I pictured it.

Tuesday 28th August 2007 05:28
DH - I Wish
Wow - that looks ace and great composition! Well done!

Monday 27th August 2007 21:39
DH - I Wish

That is truly beautiful and heart rending. Lily looks angelic and Snape looks tormented--anguished beyond words or tears. You can tell he just wants to reach through that glass. How very true and sad.

Monday 27th August 2007 20:39
DH - I Wish
So beautiful. And heartbreaking. I love it.

Monday 27th August 2007 15:34
DH - I Wish
Awwwww! Sev-Sev- Don't cry!!! I'll be the support you need!

-looks around-

Ahh, shoot. Everyone just read that...


-blushes furiously-

BEAUTIFUL picture, absolutely stunning. It's a tearjerker

Monday 27th August 2007 15:21
DH - I Wish
Oh, I love this! It explains sooo much!

Monday 27th August 2007 10:00
DH - I Wish
wow i really like this. poor snape. rest in peace.

Monday 27th August 2007 08:39
DH - I Wish
This is a beautiful picture. Lily looks very peaceful and Snape is in total despair. I've always wondered what Snape saw in the mirror

Monday 27th August 2007 02:57
DH - I Wish
This picture actually brought a lump to my throat - absolutely beautiful. It says so much, and poor Snape (who has become my new favourite character after reading DH) looks so desolate. Fabulous, well done. I will definitely be returning to this!

Monday 27th August 2007 01:21
DH - I Wish
Wonderful. I absolutely love how people are portraying Snape in a favourable/pitying light after Deathly Hallows.

I like how Lily in a wedding dress is his Mirror of Erised, good artwork.

Monday 27th August 2007 00:03
DH - I Wish
so sad

Sunday 26th August 2007 22:31
DH - I Wish
Wow! Poor Severus! Yes, I definitely agree that this would have been what his heart desired, especially right after he learned that his actions had brought about her death. No wonder he became such a bitter man! My heart goes out to him seeing your rendering of this scene. Well done, indeed!

Sunday 26th August 2007 22:25
DH - I Wish
Brutal... and I mean that in the most complimentary way. This picture sums it up incredibly.


Sunday 26th August 2007 15:41
DH - I Wish
This is unbelievably beautiful, though at the same time extremely sad.
I love the way the light illuminates the mirror and the metal work. The shadow behind the mirror gives the appearence of Lily stepping out from the beyond.
The contrast between their clothing is nice too.