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DH - Ron's Horcrux by forbis

reviews for DH - Ron's Horcrux by forbis

Thursday 15th November 2007 19:15
DH - Ron's Horcrux
Wow!!! You really captured this moment. There's so much movement!

Tuesday 13th November 2007 19:11
DH - Ron's Horcrux
Very creepy and very, very well done! Really evokes the pain and confusion of that scene.

Monday 12th November 2007 08:03
DH - Ron's Horcrux
i love how the "horcrux hermione" looks more devious then i suspect the real one does.......

Monday 12th November 2007 02:04
DH - Ron's Horcrux
bloody hell!!
Ron mind ur lang!!

Awesome piece of work

Wednesday 31st October 2007 15:53
DH - Ron's Horcrux

Friday 7th September 2007 08:48
DH - Ron's Horcrux
Very good...I love the Horcrux Hermione and Harry.

Saturday 1st September 2007 14:17
DH - Ron's Horcrux
Poor Ron! Very well captured.

Friday 31st August 2007 11:00
DH - Ron's Horcrux

Thursday 30th August 2007 14:46
DH - Ron's Horcrux
Absolutely fantastic! I love the expression on Ron's face.

Wednesday 29th August 2007 21:56
DH - Ron's Horcrux
this is excellent!!! This was a very moving scene from the book and you captured it beautifully! What is your medium? I really like the way your portrayals of harry and ron don't look like photos of the movie actors. Oh I'd love to see you do more scenes from DH. Thanks for sharing!!

Tuesday 28th August 2007 14:38
DH - Ron's Horcrux
Wow, this is really good. I'd have to say that this captures the scene in my head almost perfectly. Generally, art is iffy to me because its always a different interpretation of what I see in my head, but this is excellent. Spirit Harry and Hermione are as creepy here as they are in the book. I can't wait to see more of your artwork.

Monday 27th August 2007 15:22
DH - Ron's Horcrux
Great rendition. I love how locket HHr's eyes are so red.

Monday 27th August 2007 09:59
DH - Ron's Horcrux

Monday 27th August 2007 08:01
DH - Ron's Horcrux
Again, wonderful detailing, I love the backround, and the placement of Ron's hands are fabulous.

Sunday 26th August 2007 22:36
DH - Ron's Horcrux
I just finished re-reading this chapter and you've done a splendid job showing this moment. The figures coming from the Horcrux are positively eerie, especially the red eyes. I positively love Ron's expression and can see just how much he's struggling to fight his own doubts. Beautifully rendered...