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Ginny and Harry by Sanna

reviews for Ginny and Harry by Sanna

Friday 18th November 2011 10:56
Ginny and Harry
The detail in this photo is amazing, especially ginny's face and hair. I hope you keep up the good work.

Thursday 14th January 2010 09:37
Ginny and Harry
Your Artwork is incredible, really amazing.

Wednesday 20th May 2009 11:50
Ginny and Harry

is really beautiful,congrats

Wednesday 26th September 2007 12:43
Ginny and Harry
Oh my gosh. The colors in this are amazing! This is just such a RICH piece of art.

Monday 24th September 2007 15:00
Ginny and Harry
i love this! its perfect

Tuesday 18th September 2007 20:43
Ginny and Harry
I wish I could draw anything like that!
Very sweet image. Ginny's hair is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for her. I also like her freckles.
I think Harry's hair needs to be black though, and his eyebrows look a bit weird.
But thank you for such a cute picture!

Saturday 15th September 2007 14:10
Ginny and Harry
I love it! It's so realistic. Keep up the good work.

Monday 10th September 2007 18:13
Ginny and Harry
Maybe one of those sunny afternoons at the end of the school year, when Dumbledore was still alive... Very nice.

Sunday 9th September 2007 22:27
Ginny and Harry
Love Ginny's hair, the colour is fantastic.

Thursday 6th September 2007 16:47
Ginny and Harry
How serene!! So sweet.

Wednesday 5th September 2007 21:32
Ginny and Harry
the mostly realistic representation of the two thus far. Bravo.
Vae Victus
P.S. i don't suppose you could send a file copy of it to me. i would like to blow it up for my background. If your all right with that please send me an email at

Wednesday 5th September 2007 08:50
Ginny and Harry
This is lovely...Ginny's hair spread out, the contented looks on both of their faces...this is a wonderful piece.

Tuesday 4th September 2007 12:36
Ginny and Harry
Ginny's very pretty. Harry's rather handsome. I like it.

Tuesday 4th September 2007 04:35
Ginny and Harry
I love this picture it is really good Ginnys hair is perfect and i love the softening effect on it. Harrys style of hair is good but it should be black.

Overall though it is great..

Sunday 2nd September 2007 23:54
Ginny and Harry
aww gorgeous

Sunday 2nd September 2007 22:12
Ginny and Harry
It's nice to see Harry looking so relaxed! You've done a nice job on both portraits... I especially like Ginny's hair. Well done!

Sunday 2nd September 2007 19:43
Ginny and Harry
This is amazing!!!! SO beautiful! I love how everything is slightly blurred and Ginny's hair is simply GORGEOUS!

Sunday 2nd September 2007 19:04
Ginny and Harry
this is brilliant. so cute and innocent

Sunday 2nd September 2007 14:18
Ginny and Harry
I very nearly squealed when I saw this picture, because I have an icon of it which I use on LJ. It was made by the talented Velvethope, but I didn't realize you were the artist! I'll be sure to give you credit next time I use it.

It's a beautiful picture. I especially love the way Ginny's hair looks.

Sunday 2nd September 2007 11:20
Ginny and Harry
Very sweet, peaceful setting to reflect the nature and comfort of their relationship. Very, very beautiful.

I'm no artist ...but I can't help wondering how this piece would look with their heads turned slightly towards each other, eyes still closed. Might add a nice dimension......

Saturday 1st September 2007 17:08
Ginny and Harry
I really like this, thank you

Saturday 1st September 2007 13:14
Ginny and Harry
It´s absolutely great. I love it. Each of your paintings. But especially this one, because I love H/G.

Saturday 1st September 2007 08:53
Ginny and Harry
This is absolutely beautiful. So peaceful... *sighs* The shading is wonderful too.