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Ron Weasley by Sanna

reviews for Ron Weasley by Sanna

Wednesday 26th September 2007 12:41
Ron Weasley
I really like your portrayal of Ron. It fits my mind's image very very closely! Very nicely done!

Monday 24th September 2007 11:40
Ron Weasley

Tuesday 4th September 2007 12:37
Ron Weasley
Hahaha, I love it, but..


What's with the hat?
Tuesday 4th September 2007 12:37Author Response

Hm...I just thought he needed one.

Sunday 2nd September 2007 19:04
Ron Weasley
i like how you've done his jaw and lips in this. very nice!
Sunday 2nd September 2007 19:04Author Response
Thank you so much!

Sunday 2nd September 2007 10:43
Ron Weasley
Oh, I really like your Ron! very realistic drawing, I love it! The eyes and hair are amazing, and I love the shape of his face!
Sunday 2nd September 2007 10:43Author Response
Thanks! Great to hear you enjoyed it. ♥