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Level Two by Ninny Treetops

reviews for Level Two by Ninny Treetops

Tuesday 13th November 2007 08:31
Level Two
I love this one as well! I love the idea, I love all your pictures. You have such good ideas for all of them grown up. I love how you age the trio too, it's so well done. Please tell trishna that the lighting in the colouring is excellent as well.

Thursday 13th September 2007 22:56
Level Two
Very whimsical and full of fun... as it should be when friendships are allowed to extend and blossom. Your trio is aging quite well and seems to be capturing the fun they weren't allowed to have when they attended Hogwarts. I really like this picture.

Tuesday 11th September 2007 23:28
Level Two
Great artwork! I'm so glad you started posting your artwork again.

Keep up the great work!


Sunday 9th September 2007 22:26
Level Two
Love it!

...Is that Starbucks I see in Hermione's hand?

Saturday 8th September 2007 18:34
Level Two
love it love it love it!!!

Saturday 8th September 2007 18:08
Level Two
Hah, I like. Hermione's got a to-go cup of coffee. Ironic. I like it.


Friday 7th September 2007 14:49
Level Two
i dont get it...its good but i just dont get it