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Potter by Kaede

reviews for Potter by Kaede

Thursday 1st November 2007 01:51
so THATS what happened!!! i knew somethin was wrong, but i thought albus was gay!!! how does this work out??
still funny though, and for some credit for you... LOL!!! there, you have my laugh

Wednesday 31st October 2007 15:58
Right...I was confused for a second

Tuesday 2nd October 2007 15:42
That's really good! James looks like Percy almost! Lily is the gullible little sister, and James is making up horrible stories about school. And albus lookis kinda emo, and like he's about to chime in and tell Lily not to worry.
Your art is so cool! I love the style!

Friday 14th September 2007 12:22
This is fantastic. You really captured a lot of personality for each of the kids in this one piece.

Thursday 13th September 2007 23:06
I love the kids' expressions. You've made me grin from ear to ear.

Thursday 13th September 2007 22:55
haha emo!Albus is adorable.

Thursday 13th September 2007 09:59
YOur pictures are muc too stylised. You neeed to leave the genre behind & strike out on your own.