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DH - Trio by Kaede

reviews for DH - Trio by Kaede

Monday 15th October 2007 18:58
DH - Trio
Well, the girl is obviously Rosie, the middle boy, the one with the green eyes has to be Albus, he's the only one with Harry's eyes, and of course we know that the blonde is Scorpius. Am I right in guessing that you believe Rosie to be in Ravenclaw? I could actually see that happening though I still think she should be in Gryffindor. xD But yes, very, very nice work.

Sunday 30th September 2007 22:16
DH - Trio
This is driving me insane. Who is it supposed to be?

Thursday 27th September 2007 23:04
DH - Trio
At first I thought this would be a picture of the trio (ie. Harry. Hermione, and Ron) but it's clearly not. this James, Rose, and Scorpius? Anyway, I really like your style. It's very unique.

Thursday 20th September 2007 10:39
DH - Trio
I like the cartoon look!
Is that draco! ooh he's cute! lol
great pic!
keep it up!


Wednesday 12th September 2007 12:54
DH - Trio
How adorable! I love it! Especially the little Rosie/Scorpious look *hugs Jo* Thank you for setting up a romance like that!! *hugs again*

Beautifully drawn! I especially love the way Al's hair looks.

Great job! Love your work!