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Young Malfoys by forbis

reviews for Young Malfoys by forbis

Monday 16th March 2009 17:57
Young Malfoys
love it! do you have a website with your work?

Tuesday 20th November 2007 07:44
Young Malfoys
really good

Wednesday 31st October 2007 15:52
Young Malfoys
I love the one in the bottom left hand corner

Sunday 14th October 2007 09:20
Young Malfoys
i love all your artwork.. it's nothing short of brilliant...

Thursday 27th September 2007 23:03
Young Malfoys
I really enjoyed this, especially all the expressions!

Thursday 27th September 2007 21:39
Young Malfoys
A nice set of very distinctive expressions....I am no artist, but I would imagine that subtle nuances of facial expressions would be difficult to've nailed it!

Wednesday 26th September 2007 19:10
Young Malfoys
i love the bottom right one of him. love his facial expression