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HP 7 by Hito

reviews for HP 7 by Hito

Thursday 16th April 2009 16:48
HP 7
i love your art it has become my pix of the Harry and his friends and i think it shows their feelings just right! you are my fav artist! keep it up!

Tuesday 14th April 2009 02:39
HP 7
What a dramatic image. Very well done. I suspect that is the shield of Griffendor on the arch. I really like the overall composition. The detail is excellent. Thanks so much for sharing your tallent. p

Monday 10th December 2007 10:23
HP 7
Wow. That's what comes to mind. The power these three have just comes out from this picture. It is awesome. Really, just wonderful. Great job!

Wednesday 5th December 2007 10:13
HP 7
i love

Saturday 24th November 2007 12:45
HP 7
WOW you are truly amazing i just love your work
i wish i was as fantastic as this

Thursday 15th November 2007 22:10
HP 7
this is really amazing draw.... really really good, i like it too much

Thursday 8th November 2007 20:36
HP 7
You are a great artist! Well done! Keep up the good work!

Saturday 3rd November 2007 20:21
HP 7
Your artwork, are as always, a work of God.

Wednesday 31st October 2007 17:46
HP 7
Wow - Love Hermione and Harry! Ron's hair is a little too long for my liking, but the three of them are definitely recognisable - this is one awesome artwork!

The autumn leaves are a nice touch - so are the swirls of magic. And the Hogwarts arch just really finishes it off nicely.

Great job!

Monday 29th October 2007 15:46
HP 7
me likey mucho


Sunday 28th October 2007 19:01
HP 7
sooo amazing i am in love with this picture

Sunday 28th October 2007 16:56
HP 7
Fantastic! Absolutely beautiful. I love their expressions and Ron's hair! Brilliant work!

Sunday 28th October 2007 13:40
HP 7
i really like the way this piece is done. i like how its set on a white bg and how its one basic stroke of objects.

Saturday 27th October 2007 15:34
HP 7
This is Amazing!!! I love it!!