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Done by Ninny Treetops

reviews for Done by Ninny Treetops

Wednesday 23rd June 2010 16:54
That's a pleasant picture

Tuesday 8th September 2009 17:38
I love all four of them look really great

Sunday 27th July 2008 13:26
Ginny looks really good.

Monday 24th December 2007 10:59

i love your work!

i cant wait to see what else you put up =]

Tuesday 18th December 2007 18:57
This is so cool. I really makes you see how happy a TMR free world is. Harry looks genuinely happy and, even though you can't see it, Ron is overjoyed.

Saturday 1st December 2007 06:20
This is really lovely. I adore how 'together' they all look, and how happy and peaceful

Friday 23rd November 2007 13:42
Oh, how wonderful this is! Hermione is my favourite. This is such a good group photo of the four. Great job.

Friday 23rd November 2007 09:46
Really good - I especially love your long, tall Ron - I don't think a lot of people really capture his gangly good looks, but you did. And you made Hermione's bushy hair beautiful!

Friday 16th November 2007 22:59
I love how the two couples are together in this picture. its fantasy, i love it.

Wednesday 14th November 2007 14:36
Love it, Hermione and Ginny look hot. Just one thing... where's Ginny's right arm?

Monday 12th November 2007 13:57

Sunday 11th November 2007 03:46
I commmented this on deviant. Either way, love it Ninny! Absolutely love it!

Thursday 8th November 2007 11:06
I absolutely adore this picture!! I've bookmarked it as "cheery hp 7 pic". I especially like the way you captured Hermione. A lot of people draw her with frizzy, tangled hair, and I think she would take better care of her hair than that, even though she's not usually interested in her looks. I think Harry's nose is a little bit pointier than usual, but you make up for it with the awesome background. The whole thing just exudes happiness, love, and contentment.


Thursday 1st November 2007 03:59
ron is a spunk!

Thursday 1st November 2007 01:48
aaww... that is so sweet!!! look at da lovebirds... you are on good artist! keep up the good work!

Wednesday 31st October 2007 17:43
Ron and Hermione are so sweet - I love the scars on Ron's arm! They're a nice touch. Hermione's hair is great, and her clothes are just what you'd expect.

Ginny's a little too cool for me, but I love the expression on Harry's face - wasn't he saying something in DH about hoping he never looked as soppy as Fleur did when she looked at Bill?

The background's really nice too - great sunset, and trees!

Monday 29th October 2007 15:44
lol Ron's gorg i've taken a liking to his character more over harry's ... but everyone's just perfect in this picture


Monday 29th October 2007 15:09
amazing. i think this is how rowling imagined them looking

Monday 29th October 2007 15:07
wow. this is how they were meant to look

Monday 29th October 2007 05:59
Great work. I like the carefree looks on their faces.

Sunday 28th October 2007 13:37
aww i really like this. i love the detailing on the ground, and ginny's awesome shirt

Sunday 28th October 2007 07:40
This is absolutely wonderful! Very beautiful! I love the authumn colors and how each of their clothes sort of depict their personalities. Great job!

Saturday 27th October 2007 22:44
I really like this picture. For the first time all four look relaxed and happy. You've done a really great job with their hair. I really like the shading you've done on it. Overall, this is a fun picture to view.
Saturday 27th October 2007 22:44Author Response
Thanks! I have a thing for hair and personal style, so naturally, getting these four right is one of my personal crusades

Saturday 27th October 2007 15:38
I love Ron's Hair.