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Headmaster Snape by Perseus McBrennan

reviews for Headmaster Snape by Perseus McBrennan

Sunday 14th March 2010 15:19
Headmaster Snape
It made me wonder, what did Dumbledore's portrait say to Snape in those private moments they were alone. Very thought provoking.

Friday 14th December 2007 04:10
Headmaster Snape
freaky...amazing work, keep it up.

Thursday 15th November 2007 14:46
Headmaster Snape

Monday 12th November 2007 18:35
Headmaster Snape
i love his facial expression in this one. very nice. i also like the limited pallete you used. the dark colours give it a nice feel.

Sunday 11th November 2007 17:55
Headmaster Snape