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Brown - The Malfoys by Makani

reviews for Brown - The Malfoys by Makani

Monday 3rd December 2007 05:40
Brown - The Malfoys
wow this is captivating you have really illustrted the malfoy's in a new and interesting light

Friday 23rd November 2007 13:24
Brown - The Malfoys
Wow. This is beautiful.

Thursday 15th November 2007 14:40
Brown - The Malfoys
It's amazing how you've captured them just as they are in my imagination. Awesome job!

Thursday 15th November 2007 13:19
Brown - The Malfoys
Beautiful picture. It shows how emotional the Malfoys can be when no one's looking.

Wednesday 14th November 2007 19:25
Brown - The Malfoys
Love the aristocratic noses - great job.

Wednesday 14th November 2007 10:17
Brown - The Malfoys
I like this. Really.
I can't put my finger on it, but I feel it expresses emotion ... correctly. The facial features are believable and the lack of color gives it a rustic feel.
Excellent work!


Tuesday 13th November 2007 17:23
Brown - The Malfoys
sooooo amazing omg probally my favorite picture OMG i LOVEEEE it!!!!!!!!!

Monday 12th November 2007 18:37
Brown - The Malfoys
this is amazing. i love narcissa's eyebrows and the emotion you captivated here.

Sunday 11th November 2007 16:00
Brown - The Malfoys
I just have to say... I love this. I think you've captured the raw emotion that Narcissa Malfoy shows throughout HBP and DH. Also I love what you did with Lucius. Most people draw him with long hair and I really appreciate the shorter hair variety. Very well done!