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Wow by mary-dreams

reviews for Wow by mary-dreams

Wednesday 19th December 2007 17:25
This is really good. I love her dress!

Tuesday 11th December 2007 15:50
Poor Ron!!!!! He is about to lose a friend & gain a girlfriend LOL. Funny how teen boys can just not see what is right in front of them re friends who happen to be girls & then at some point BLAM they get it right in the face. Well done!!

Sunday 9th December 2007 15:01
wow is right! Hermione looks gorgeous, and Ron looks very sharp in that suit. I love Ron's expression by the way.

Monday 3rd December 2007 02:51
This is set at Bill and Fleurs wedding? Am I right? I love Rons suit...

Saturday 1st December 2007 19:12
Lol, when I looked at the title I had no idea what this pic would be of... I laughed when I saw it. They both look wonderful!

Saturday 1st December 2007 08:22
Ha! That rocks! I love Ron's expression! Hermione looks good in purple, I love the way you did her hair, it's so pretty! And Ron looks really sharp in his suit. I love it. Just one question, where is it set? Brilliant stuff!