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Ginny 5th Year by marvelous-magic

reviews for Ginny 5th Year by marvelous-magic

Sunday 13th January 2008 19:28
Ginny 5th Year
The picture overall looks good, but the arm holding the wand looks like a man's arm. It's...beefy. Just the forearm. The wrinkles in her shirt are really well drawn. A real masterpiece.

Wednesday 9th January 2008 19:42
Ginny 5th Year
Wow - you really captured her powerful personality.

Tuesday 18th December 2007 04:15
Ginny 5th Year
lol very good drawing, u have really captured Ginny's spirit

Sunday 16th December 2007 13:28
Ginny 5th Year
i love everything about this piece, from ginny's pout, to her expressive eyes. gorgeous!

Sunday 16th December 2007 10:26
Ginny 5th Year
Ooooh! I love this Ginny. She really looks like she means business!

Saturday 15th December 2007 11:34
Ginny 5th Year
Such a pretty, determined young lady. I love her hand!