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Nymphadora Tonks by marvelous-magic

reviews for Nymphadora Tonks by marvelous-magic

Wednesday 13th February 2008 16:41
Nymphadora Tonks
This is exactly how I imagines Tonks to be. Well done on capturing a brilliant character!

Thursday 17th January 2008 20:46
Nymphadora Tonks
She is adorable! I love the little smirk on her lips. It is playful and sarcastic, in a way, but not haughty like the Malfoy family smirk. Very cute!

Tuesday 18th December 2007 04:17
Nymphadora Tonks
Brilliant, words cant describe

Sunday 16th December 2007 13:30
Nymphadora Tonks
aww, tonks is such a wild one! beautiful interpretation!

Saturday 15th December 2007 11:34
Nymphadora Tonks
One of the best Tonkses I've ever seen. And the way you did the creases in her leather jacket - WOW.