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Potter Kids by roby_boh

reviews for Potter Kids by roby_boh

Wednesday 4th November 2009 01:44
Potter Kids

Wednesday 23rd April 2008 12:27
Potter Kids
realy a master work

Wednesday 16th April 2008 13:50
Potter Kids
Very Good

Sunday 13th April 2008 06:24
Potter Kids
a very nice detailed, not so detailed but near the true identity of the three kids, nice work!

Saturday 12th April 2008 01:10
Potter Kids

Wednesday 9th April 2008 11:52
Potter Kids
James reminds me of Percy.

Tuesday 1st April 2008 22:32
Potter Kids

Sunday 23rd March 2008 05:25
Potter Kids
Is interestign

Thursday 31st January 2008 18:32
Potter Kids
Id've thought her hair would be red since her mother and grandmothers had flaming red hair.

Monday 28th January 2008 03:08
Potter Kids
very good

Thursday 24th January 2008 05:38
Potter Kids
BtW where you will put Lily? another Gryffindor?
Thursday 24th January 2008 05:38Author Response
She's definitely a slytherin..

Sunday 20th January 2008 20:56
Potter Kids
They're adorable! I really like your style of drawing. All your pictures are really good.