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The First Spring in Peace by AgiVega

reviews for The First Spring in Peace by AgiVega

Sunday 30th May 2010 23:45
The First Spring in Peace

Sunday 24th February 2008 21:13
The First Spring in Peace
older? Ginny could be his daughter. give the girl some heals, maybe a poofier hairstyle, rouge?

very nice... I realy do like it.

Monday 18th February 2008 01:45
The First Spring in Peace
I hadn't read your Comments before I reviewed your work. Sorry! Ok she's suppose to be small compared to Harry. You put a lot of thought into this work, to get both of them right. This is a really good job.

Monday 18th February 2008 01:40
The First Spring in Peace
This would have made a nice Valentine card pic. Harry seems to be to old for Ginny, by several years. In itself, the picture is beautiful. Great talent.

Friday 15th February 2008 23:51
The First Spring in Peace
After all Harry's been through, I agree that he's entitled to look older than his years... No matter what, it's good to see him and Ginny openly enjoying the re-awakening of the world together without fear. Harry looks so relaxed, a different man, really. (He looks really good with his hair longer like this) And Ginny seems perfectly content to stay where she is for the rest of her life... just where she should be! Nice picture, well done!

Friday 15th February 2008 23:07
The First Spring in Peace
Very good picture. It's nice to see them relaxing and obviously enjoying being together at last.

Friday 15th February 2008 13:04
The First Spring in Peace
i would have loved it if you had secretly put a ring on ginnys left hand...see if anyone had noticed. great as usual! love it!


Friday 15th February 2008 09:27
The First Spring in Peace
That's so sweet!

Thursday 14th February 2008 19:52
The First Spring in Peace
I really love all your art work. I like this one Harry and Ginny look really peaceful. Every time I look thought your work and think I find my favorite but then I see another one and it becomes my favorite. Some are just plain fun like Pirate Harry, Sailor Ginny and some are sweet like A Girl Can Dream and so many are heart warming like What He’d Really See in Erised and Named for Two Headmasters. Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing your future works.