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Ginny Young Adult by Kaede

reviews for Ginny Young Adult by Kaede

Saturday 6th December 2008 07:46
Ginny Young Adult
this is kool

Saturday 6th December 2008 07:45
Ginny Young Adult
:Hagrid: raco: :Snape:

Monday 27th October 2008 17:39
Ginny Young Adult
omg very cute!! I love it, I love how she's swaying the hips. I love the eye makeup too. You're a great artist


Monday 18th August 2008 09:17
Ginny Young Adult
you should do one with looking exactly like this & together

Tuesday 1st July 2008 14:09
Ginny Young Adult
and it does look like kim possiable!!

Tuesday 1st July 2008 14:08
Ginny Young Adult
it is good but it doesn't seem like ginny at all!!

Friday 20th June 2008 18:31
Ginny Young Adult
no offence, but it looks like you drew kim-possible

Sunday 11th May 2008 12:00
Ginny Young Adult
um, shes a bit skinny....but good job!

Friday 2nd May 2008 19:38
Ginny Young Adult
LOL, I could live with hips this wide if I had a waist this tiny! Honestly I wasn't crazty about this picture the first time I looked at it, but after repeated viewings it's kinda growing on me. Her pose and posture are so careless but still quite spunky and fun--just like Ginny!

Tuesday 29th April 2008 07:07
Ginny Young Adult
I love how you've given Ginny a very "KimPossible" pose and hair-do. Harry's very lucky to have a wife who looks like this!

Sunday 27th April 2008 10:47
Ginny Young Adult
very nice, i like the outline on her eyes