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Ginny 15 Year Old by Kaede

reviews for Ginny 15 Year Old by Kaede

Friday 26th December 2008 09:52
Ginny 15 Year Old
It kind og reminds me of Violet Parr in The Incredibles

Thursday 30th October 2008 10:13
Ginny 15 Year Old
Gees! I don't come to this site very often, but I reviewed your picture 6 months ago.

My mind is like a steel trap. (All rusty and chained to a log.)

Thursday 30th October 2008 10:08
Ginny 15 Year Old
A very cute Ginny.

What I really like is how you used just the one orange, but were able to have so many textures that it made a complete picture.

Tuesday 1st July 2008 14:10
Ginny 15 Year Old
it is good but her waist is to low and she doesn't look like herself

Monday 2nd June 2008 20:57
Ginny 15 Year Old
aww cute

Sunday 11th May 2008 11:59
Ginny 15 Year Old
great job! very realistic

Tuesday 6th May 2008 15:36
Ginny 15 Year Old
She has a cute face. I like her.

Nice going

Sunday 4th May 2008 10:53
Ginny 15 Year Old
nice art.. but do i see a slight similarity to kimpossible? anyway, looks a bit younger than 15yrs.. otherwise nicely done..

Tuesday 29th April 2008 07:05
Ginny 15 Year Old
What a cute charicature. I love the "gingerness" of this entire picture and how you've used shading to give her curves a little bit of definition. Well done.

Sunday 27th April 2008 10:46
Ginny 15 Year Old
aw, adorable!

Saturday 26th April 2008 14:59
Ginny 15 Year Old
heeheehee, this is a cute rendering of Ginny as a young girl! I like her hair and her facial expression.