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HP Art Project by GoldenSnitch33

reviews for HP Art Project by GoldenSnitch33

Tuesday 2nd December 2014 07:11
HP Art Project
Very chilling!

Wednesday 30th December 2009 17:58
HP Art Project
This is quite possibly the coolest thing I have ever seen. I love how you portrayed the dementors; they even scared me a little Also, I've never seen this particular scene before, so it is really unique! Fantastic job!

Tuesday 8th September 2009 18:15
HP Art Project
wow this piece is really fantastic kinda creepy but still fantastic

Monday 6th July 2009 05:19
HP Art Project
This is really good, you could do the artwork for the HP video games.

Tuesday 20th January 2009 22:17
HP Art Project
Now that is one awesome piece of work! Love the super-creepy hand of the Dementor... Seriously nice work.

Thursday 6th November 2008 11:54
HP Art Project
Amazing!! You capture every detail in this artwork. beautiful.

Tuesday 4th November 2008 20:11
HP Art Project
WoW, thats all I can say, this is one of the best drawings ive ever seen

Sunday 2nd November 2008 11:53
HP Art Project
Wow, I love this picture. It's very well done.

Wednesday 22nd October 2008 21:17
HP Art Project
Great drawing. This is from Deathly Hallows correct?
Wednesday 22nd October 2008 21:17Author Response
Lol! Thanks for the review Actually it's from Ch. 30 "The Pensieve"of GoF. It is the trial of Barty Crouch, Jr.

Tuesday 14th October 2008 09:50
HP Art Project

Sunday 12th October 2008 15:04
HP Art Project
this is amazing
trial of ludo bagman?
Sunday 12th October 2008 15:04Author Response
It's part of the same chapter...I was going more for the trial of Barty Crouch, Jr.

Saturday 11th October 2008 20:22
HP Art Project
I love how Harry is kind of floating in and out of the vision. Nice work!