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Stories by Gowdie

Rating: Mature
Setting: AU
Status: WIP
Reviews: 43
Words: 16,598
Harry finally manages to defeat Voldemort. Now what is a bloke supposed to do? Sequel to Bewitched and Bewildered. Picks up the story a year and a half later - immediately following the final battle. Because life doesn't end five minutes after you beat the Big Bad, and winning the girl is only half of the story.

Rating: Teens
Setting: Pre-HBP
Status: Completed
Reviews: 123
Words: 30,619
Harry finally manages to rejoin the world of the living, only to find himself falling for the one girl who claimed to have given up on him. Now what is a bloke supposed to do?

Deals with the emotional roller coaster of coming out of depression and the delicious perils of first romance.

Rating: Everyone
Status: Completed
Reviews: 56
Words: 7,025
Before he can start his search for the Horcruxes, Harry must face an even greater challenge - muddling through his one last golden afternoon of happiness.