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Reviews For Some Cuts Leave Scars by Melindaleo

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Monday 30th April 2018 09:37

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 676

17: Scores and Scandals
It makes me so mad that Arthur and Molly don't really listen to Ginny when she's telling them that she plans to try out and sit her NEWTs. It's like they are hearing only what they want to hear instead of listening to everything she's telling them. I mean, she tells them plainly that she knows her Quidditch career won't last more than a few years and that she knows she needs to be fully qualified to take another job after it ends. If that isn't thinking things through, I don't know what is! Thank goodness for Bill and George's support. I have a feeling Percy's in for an earful if Ginny ever gets him alone! The rat!

You write Rita Skeeter's articles so well, they make my blood boil! It's so easy to understand why Harry does what he does in this chapter, even though people are now starting to think that Rita's articles are "real" news rather than hearsay, conjecture or just plain made up. While your solution to the problem isn't as good as the one Brennus came up with (swatting a green beetle to death and throwing it in the trash bin only to discover the next morning that the beetle is now a dead reporter), she certainly is getting her just desserts.

Finally, only you can leave your readers gasping along with Harry while leaving Ron in a horrible situation. Do I sense Harry to the rescue?

Thursday 26th April 2018 21:44

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 66

17: Scores and Scandals
I kind of love you for never misusing "nonplussed." But then you leave us with cliffhangers that make me want to kick you just as much as Ginny likely wanted to kick Percy during that family Intervention.

I'm also concerned that Rita is going to press charges on Hermione for blackmail. However, seeing as that blackmail led to further fame and fortune (when Rita republished that Quibbler article in the Prophet), and Hermione was a minor, maybe such an accusation won't she worth pursuing..?
Friday 27th April 2018 16:19
17: Scores and Scandals (Author Response)
Sorry for the cliffie - but I have noticed it tends to prompt people to review, lol. My bad! I promise an update for next week, and you'll hear more about Rita.
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