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Reviews For Parodies Galore by Delani

Wednesday 10th August 2005 00:42
Parodies Galore
Hee-hee! Can't type. Hee-hee. Giggling too hard!... Ow. I just fell off my chair. Very good job. Hee-hee! "My wands long, and it's strong, And I'm getting my spells turned on".... so wrong... but so funny! Hee-hee!
Sunday 12th December 2004 16:07
Parodies Galore
Ahhh! That is so cool!
Friday 10th September 2004 03:41
Parodies Galore
This was brilliant!! I was trying to imagine Draco... rapping... and it just wasn't working for me Great work!

Antonia East
Thursday 19th August 2004 18:59
Parodies Galore
I've loved that song ever since Shrek (you know, the bit at the end with the dragon), ahem...well, anyway, well done for creating so much Slytherin rap. Very clever.