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Reviews For Twelve Months by parakletos

Wednesday 1st February 2012 22:31
Twelve Months
Hi I just wanted to say that this was extremely good I'm having trouble deciding if I liked the books or this better but I'm at a loss as to why its abandoned I really was hoping to finish it the story moved me I loved this view on harry and ginny\'s relationship it was great to say the least I spent around 36 hours reading this I read it in one reading session and I hoped that you would finish it but thanks for the story I loved it

Thursday 2nd February 2012 05:16Twelve Months (Author Response)

I've made several attempts to restart this fic in recent years none of which have been successful. I discussed it with a friend only last month but until i get at least a few chapters up and running (if that ever happens) it will remain abandoned.

Its not something I like but i think its best to be honest with everyone.
Sunday 16th September 2007 04:48
Twelve Months
What a lukewarm beginning. Harry cares, Ginny cares but there is no passion? No Spark? Have they become too comfortable and now Ginny thinks he is looking to move on? A little confusing so far. I look forward to clarification in the future. p
Sunday 16th September 2007 08:22Twelve Months (Author Response)
just to let you know that when someone starts reviewing previously published chapters like this I don't tend to respond to the reviews they leave. However, as you've been so complimentary I might make an exception in your case.

Friday 13th October 2006 11:58
Twelve Months
'Harry had never thought he would miss the old bugger, but he did. Just one more person who died because of Tom Bloody Riddle' -- I see this was written before Book 6 (though JKR may rehabilitate him in 7 ) .
'"Try and act your age for once and not your shoe size."' -- nice line .
'more intimate than lovers' -- interesting take on Harry's and Ginny's relationship. But how can Ginny make that statement and think that Harry is going to dump her?
Friday 13th October 2006 12:05Twelve Months (Author Response)
Oh I say,

Thank you sir.

12M is a bit of a rollercoaster ride. Its not your average fic - not that I think you'd expect that from me - but its about their emotional development and features a fair bit on angst or is it flangst, I'm never sure. Basically, I'm saying give Ginny time to grow.

Saturday 19th August 2006 04:15
Twelve Months
You know, I've been wanting to read this story for a long time, and I put it off again and again because I was afraid of its pre-HBP-ness. (Note how the other two stories of yours that I read were post-HBP. Aren't I a coward?)

But although I am a canon-holic, I knew that I'd enjoy this story. And of course I do. There was just one pre-HBP cliché, if you don't mind me calling it that: Ginny shouting at Harry because he was drawing away, then kissing and making up. But what followed is so original that it makes up for that a hundred times. Wonderful writing. I loved the bit about Mr and Mrs Weasley (
Try and act your age for once and not your shoe size. ), and poor Ginny thinking she knew what was going on in Harry's head.

And I'm on to the next chapter...
Saturday 19th August 2006 04:27Twelve Months (Author Response)
Well I'm glad you decided to take the plunge. Its a bit of an emotional rollercoaster to say the least, enjoy the ride.
Wednesday 16th August 2006 21:02
Twelve Months
I take it you have left the country or your computer has crashed or your exams were harder than you thought or a dozen other reasons as to why you have deserted your fic. Too many writers don,t think their fics through before they begin them and lose heart part way through . I hope you are not one of them.
Thursday 17th August 2006 01:10Twelve Months (Author Response)

1.I'm still in London
2.I passed both exams
3. You forgot to ask about the new job
4.Points to 'chapter progress'
5. Progress updates are also posted on my ly (see profile)
6. Thanks for asking
Tuesday 18th April 2006 14:40
Twelve Months
Awesome story! I hope it continues to be this great.

Wednesday 9th November 2005 23:00
Twelve Months

I really enjoyed this chapter. Cracked up when I read: 'The-Boy-Who-Kicked-Tom's-', especially. Way funny.

Typical misunderstandings between H and G, I can see. OK, off to read chapter 2!

Thursday 10th November 2005 00:24Twelve Months (Author Response)
Hopefully you'll enjoy the rest of it. Thanks for reviewing.
Wednesday 22nd June 2005 19:01
Twelve Months
Great fic. I love G/H fics.
Midnight White
Monday 16th May 2005 04:27
Twelve Months

Great job so far!!!

One minor thing that's kinda bugging me. The story starts out as August 1999, but Harry just celebrated his 18th birthday. Shouldn't he be celebrating his 19th? Maybe I got my timelines mixed up, but I think he was born in 1980.

Well, that's just me being so critical... but keep going! Onto reading chapter 2!

Monday 16th May 2005 06:20Twelve Months (Author Response)
I think you're right  The dates got changed just after the chapter was published and we've obviously missed somehting. Thanks for pointing it out.
Wolf's Scream
Friday 15th April 2005 21:21
Twelve Months
Very nice so far.  I especially enjoyed the description of Arthur & Molly.
Tuesday 1st March 2005 23:41
Twelve Months
One minor nit to pick.
"Arthur!" Molly Weasley batted her husband on the arm, "Try and act your age for once and not your shoe size..."
Well, my shoe size in the US is 10.5, and I'm a average sized guy.  But in UK sizes, that would be 44.  So is Arthur really acting like he's in his mid 40's.
But great story.  I can't wait to read more.

Tuesday 1st March 2005 23:49Twelve Months (Author Response)
 Here in the UK we don't use continental shoe sizes, so Arthur would be wearing a size nine or ten.  I glad you're enjoying the story.
Wednesday 26th January 2005 13:50
Twelve Months
Loved it, hopefully more soon?
Wednesday 26th January 2005 15:58Twelve Months (Author Response)
yes hopefully, *grin* Chapter Two is in the beta process so hopefully soon. 
Tuesday 25th January 2005 13:41
Twelve Months
This is gorgeus! I want more!!
Tuesday 25th January 2005 15:04Twelve Months (Author Response)
Thank you *blushes* This is very bad for my ego you know.
Monday 24th January 2005 23:16
Twelve Months
What a promising start to this story.  Look forward to the next chapter.  Harry can be so annoying some times....he thinks too much, and should just go for it!
Monday 24th January 2005 23:27Twelve Months (Author Response)
Thanks for the review. He should go for it should it ? Perhaps he is.
Mop and Smith
Monday 24th January 2005 10:50
Twelve Months

I really liked this! I like the relationship between Harry and Ginny! And I also loved the bit with Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, shows that true loves does last forever.

Can't wait for the next chapter. 


Monday 24th January 2005 14:17Twelve Months (Author Response)
I'm glad you liked Molly and Arthur, there is more to come from them, I promise.
irish gal
Monday 24th January 2005 09:26
Twelve Months
please tell me there is more?????  cause this is really fantastic so far!
Monday 24th January 2005 14:19Twelve Months (Author Response)
There is more, I'm working on chapter five at the moment.
Monday 24th January 2005 08:54
Twelve Months

 to a great start!  Can't wait to see what you have planned.  What's  got planned for  tomorrow?  This could get interesting.

Well, keep up the great work!

Monday 24th January 2005 14:23Twelve Months (Author Response)
The next day is, shall we say, very interesting.
Monday 24th January 2005 07:09
Twelve Months

> Time to have some fun, thought Harry. 

Oh, fun stuff. 

Story looks promising.  Please keep it coming.

Monday 24th January 2005 14:26Twelve Months (Author Response)
Yes fun stuff, and plenty of it.
Monday 24th January 2005 04:31
Twelve Months

I like it! update soon!


Monday 24th January 2005 14:26Twelve Months (Author Response)
Thanks. I'm getting there.
Robert Owen
Sunday 23rd January 2005 19:58
Twelve Months
I don't know who I want to smack more, Harry for being obtuse or Ginny for panicing.  Bravo!
Monday 24th January 2005 14:29Twelve Months (Author Response)
*laughs*  they are a pair aren't they?
Sunday 23rd January 2005 18:34
Twelve Months

Great story, the suspense is killing me. I figure he is going to ask her to marry him, but then again he might be breaking up?  

This was well written and very imaginative story, cant wait for the next chapters......     

Monday 24th January 2005 14:35Twelve Months (Author Response)
I'm pleased you liked it. That is the question isn't it? Break up or proposal? You'll find out soon.
Sunday 23rd January 2005 13:31
Twelve Months
Very well written.....I'm not big on angst--enough in my own real life, thank you--but I love good fluff.  Here's hoping! :-)
Sunday 23rd January 2005 13:37Twelve Months (Author Response)
Yes there will be angst (sorry),  but  I much prefer fluff. so hang on in there.
Lakshmi Potter
Sunday 23rd January 2005 13:09
Twelve Months

Oh, I really like this one so far!

Only, you know, if I were Ginny, I would never let a man get away with not making a commitment for that long. But then, I don't have a Voldemort to fight (besides that, I am not Ginny). But...I guess, if you love someone enough you might be willing to forego the "official" relationship stuff. I dunno, I have mixed feelings about it.

Anyway, but I like the story so far a lot. I'm intrigued. Do continue soon.


Sunday 23rd January 2005 13:21Twelve Months (Author Response)
I'm glad you liked it. It's my first attempt at a chaptered fic and it's nice to get such a warm welcome.