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Reviews For The Showdown by Gridley

Monday 28th January 2008 23:26
The Showdown
Did you get hit in the head? It made me laugh.
Monday 7th January 2008 19:46
The Showdown
Too short - but I guess if it had been any longer, the laughter would have killed me.
guardian of The Light Fantastic (and other works by Terry Pratchett)

Saturday 19th August 2006 20:12
The Showdown
l0l that was funny. It had me laughing which is hard to do in the mood I'm in right now.

Am reading more from you...

Friday 20th July 2007 10:17The Showdown (Author Response)
Don't mess with the redheads!
Monday 19th December 2005 11:20
The Showdown

"Notice how its never a problem for the heroine in fiction? I've always wondered why..."

Never read Tamora Pierce, have you? (Alanna and Page, and a couple jokes in Lady Knight.)

(Hey, I got the emoticons to work!)

Tuesday 7th February 2006 13:54The Showdown (Author Response)
I'm afraid I haven't read any of the above - perhaps I should.

I mean, I've known girls who lost two days a month because of their period. Perhaps there's a potion or some such you can take.
Monday 19th December 2005 11:16
The Showdown


Now that is an interesting mental image. Lord Voldemort, terror of the world, begging for mercy, on account of being berated by the Potter brat's substitute mother. Poor Cho, she must be miserable...of course, I'd think that she'd be wanting to make everyone else even more miserable, in particular the person who killed her old boyfriend. Luna's a riot.

Tuesday 7th February 2006 13:50The Showdown (Author Response)
I guess Cho's having really bad cramps.
Saturday 5th November 2005 10:43
The Showdown
I just had to read this again. I cannnot get over how funny it is!!  Great job!!
Tuesday 15th November 2005 06:20The Showdown (Author Response)
Every so often you get an image you just HAVE to write a story around. I think this one turned out rather well.
Thursday 23rd June 2005 09:09
The Showdown
lol, I loved this. Beware of Molly's wrath..
Friday 24th June 2005 05:29The Showdown (Author Response)
Hey, moms are dangerous.
Tuesday 21st June 2005 18:46
The Showdown
Even Voldy knows when he,s well off,and has had enough. good old Mom Weasley.!!!!
Friday 24th June 2005 05:29The Showdown (Author Response)
If she's raised seven redheads, I think she can do anything. Especially THOSE seven...
Wednesday 15th June 2005 08:43
The Showdown

aaahahahahahahaha  That was soooooooo good.  You have done much writing since I read last, I have a lot of catching up to do ....



Friday 24th June 2005 05:29The Showdown (Author Response)
Well, I hope you enjoy catching up. Soon I'll be done until I've digested HBP, so it shouldn't be too rough.
Tuesday 29th March 2005 13:46
The Showdown
Luna is perfect!Love this story!But I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Sunday 24th April 2005 06:31The Showdown (Author Response)

Luna's line was the inspiration for the whole story - once that line entered my brain I just HAD to use it. :-)

Thursday 24th February 2005 17:26
The Showdown
Friday 4th March 2005 02:49The Showdown (Author Response)
The bad part is that now I've got that "I am the keeper of the secret snorcklack..." running through my brain.
Friday 18th February 2005 22:22
The Showdown

I like it!!!!!!

I realy do like it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday 20th February 2005 19:14The Showdown (Author Response)
Thanks. :-)
Thursday 3rd February 2005 19:37
The Showdown
LOL!  I love it!    Molly defeats Voldie- it's perfect.
Friday 4th February 2005 06:46The Showdown (Author Response)
I'm willing to bet its actually original, too. :-)
Thursday 3rd February 2005 19:32
The Showdown
Friday 4th February 2005 06:46The Showdown (Author Response)
Even so. :-)
Thursday 3rd February 2005 09:22
The Showdown
That was hillarious!  I love it!  Molly!

Friday 4th February 2005 06:45The Showdown (Author Response)
Well, really, who's the most dangerous person in the series? If the twins are afraid of her, shouldn't the rest of us be?
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 23:59
The Showdown

Oh, dear.  I can't tell you how funny I found that!  Especially about it being Cho's time of the month. 

I know I'd be scared of Molly, even if I was a Dark Lord.

Thursday 3rd February 2005 07:23The Showdown (Author Response)
I seem to have a running theme with the time of the month thing... maybe its all the females I've lived with...
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 21:29
The Showdown
I love it!  Luna's so crazy!  And Molly's entrance.  I only wish she really had killed him in some bizarre way.  That I can't think of.  Oh well.  Thanks for the laugh!
Thursday 3rd February 2005 07:23The Showdown (Author Response)

'Fraid I can't think of what would be appropraite either - de-gnome the garden TO DEATH!


Wednesday 2nd February 2005 21:00
The Showdown
Very very short ... but funny nonetheless :)     
Thursday 3rd February 2005 07:22The Showdown (Author Response)
I debated publishing all three of the shorts together just for length reasons, but was advised (correctly, I think) against it.
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 16:58
The Showdown
Ahhh, the power of a po'd mom!
Thursday 3rd February 2005 07:21The Showdown (Author Response)

Don't mess with mom. Particularly red-headed mother of seven. Hey, she can intimidate Fred and George! You think some wimpy dark wizard is going to mess with her?

"I'm quite comfortable with my inner child."

"Hi! I'm the inner babysitter!" - Terry Pratchet.

Wednesday 2nd February 2005 13:52
The Showdown

Ah, so cute. I love the banter between Harry and Luna that makes Voldemort so annoyed. I can imagine him, exasperated, looking between the two like he's watching a tennis rally. Yay!



Wednesday 2nd February 2005 15:07The Showdown (Author Response)
Well, I'd be annoyed too, wouldn't you? Of course, if I were Voldemort I would have just killed Harry about three times by now in accordance with the "If I were an Evil Overlord" list, but perhaps that's why I'm not...
Robert Owen
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 13:47
The Showdown

About sums it up!

Wednesday 2nd February 2005 15:06The Showdown (Author Response)
I've seen more of those smileys today...
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 12:29
The Showdown
Oh, I hurt right now - I read "Birth" first... 


Wednesday 2nd February 2005 12:30The Showdown (Author Response)
Better take some painkillers - Mathamagic should be up soon.
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 11:00
The Showdown
This is a swell story.  Nice job.
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 12:30The Showdown (Author Response)
Thanks, and thanks for reviewing.
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 10:58
The Showdown
Most amusing. 
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 12:29The Showdown (Author Response)

Thanks, I try.

Wednesday 2nd February 2005 09:32
The Showdown
 Oh my gosh! That was perfect! Will wonders never cease, when I started to read this story I wasn't sure what would happen in it but I sure didn't expect this! That was great! Now if I can just get my cat to stop giving me weird looks...
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 12:29The Showdown (Author Response)

If you can get your cat to stop giving you weird looks, PLEASE tell me how. :-)

Actually its my step-cat, but the same principle applies.

Wednesday 2nd February 2005 09:10
The Showdown

I always thought Molly could take Voldemort 2 out of 3 falls!

Thanks for the morning laugh,



Wednesday 2nd February 2005 12:28The Showdown (Author Response)
Only 2 out of 3? You underestimate the power of the red hair...
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 08:11
The Showdown
May god have mercy on Voldemort's Soul, or something. 

Excellent short, easily worth the quick laugh.
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 12:14The Showdown (Author Response)
Objective accomplished - Quick Laughs R Me. :-)
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 08:09
The Showdown
This is too funny!  I'm grinning from ear to ear having read this story twice.  Luna is priceless as is Voldemort's reaction to Molly's tirade.  If I were him I'd definitely be afraid for nothing is more terrible than the wrath of Molly Weasley!
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 12:14The Showdown (Author Response)
Luna's opening line was the starting point for this - I actually built the rest of the story around it.