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Reviews For Private Moments by Robert Owen

Wednesday 3rd February 2016 16:16
Private Moments
Excellent one-shot! I really enjoyed it. I don't think this is the first time I've read it, but it's the first time I've reviewed! BTW - whatever happened to Ill Met by Moonlight? I would really like to read it.
Tuesday 29th March 2005 23:04
Private Moments


I shoudn't have read this.

Darn. Now I found out what happens at the end of Invictus. Arg.

Slap me silly.


It was very good, up to your good standards. I do hope to see more of Clarke! I always like rooting for Marines!

Wednesday 16th February 2005 11:35
Private Moments
Good fic, full of nice touches
Wednesday 16th February 2005 20:05Private Moments (Author Response)
Thanks.  This started as a little 2 page bit featuring just H/G but hten I realized that I could expand it and use it as a window on several of the CD universe players.  Stick around, this is the starting point for ILL MET BY MOONLIGHT. 
Tuesday 15th February 2005 18:30
Private Moments
Excellent little one-shot Robert  A nice reworking of the orginal version you posted at Elenarda prior to Christmas.
Monday 14th February 2005 11:39
Private Moments
This was a nice read for Valentine's Day.  I'm glad it was posted today.  Nice work.  You really have not only a good imagination and a flair for characterization, but a strong handle on the language of story.
Monday 14th February 2005 14:21Private Moments (Author Response)

Thank, kellypen, I'm glad you enjoyed it. 

Look for INVICTUS 32 in the next 24 hrs.