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Reviews For Happily Ever After by DailyProphetReporting

baby boomer
Sunday 2nd January 2011 12:19
Happily Ever After
I've been searching for this story. I read it several years ago and forgot which site it was on. It's hauntingly beautiful and still makes me cry.
Monday 25th August 2008 15:21
Happily Ever After
Monday 7th January 2008 18:59
Happily Ever After
So sad. But beautiful.
Monday 11th December 2006 14:13
Happily Ever After
Wow. I sincerely hope this does not happen. I am dreading and excited about the upcoming book 7. Great writing. Thanks.
Friday 30th June 2006 20:45
Happily Ever After
why is every story sooo sad??????
Saturday 21st May 2005 13:57
Happily Ever After

that is so sad, tear jerking moment!  That was really sweet though. 

Great job, keep writing but more happy, Plez write back


Friday 15th October 2004 00:20
Happily Ever After
Very sad.  I think in my old age I'm starting to prefer 'easy' stories with Disney endings.  But it was a nice story, very heartfelt, and it must be good because I've re-read it several times.  Thanks for publishing it!
Tuesday 5th October 2004 22:05
Happily Ever After
 Most definentaly a Heartstring puller!
Loriel Eris
Friday 13th August 2004 05:37
Happily Ever After
Just sobbed my heart out reading this. It was only when I got to the second half of the story that I realised that I had read it before, and remembered what happened.

This was beautifully, wonderfully well written and just as good on second reading as the first. Thank you.
Wednesday 30th June 2004 19:17
Happily Ever After
Wow. I can't say that I've ever been so moved and then so shaken by a fic. I rarely shed physical tears when reading fanfiction, but this did it to me. I was completely caught off guard when the change occured.

Beautiful job. I'm so very impressed.

Thank you.