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Reviews For The Gryffin Councilor by buzzzz

Monday 11th January 2010 16:34
The Gryffin Councilor
nearly 5 years passed?

Tuesday 20th January 2009 14:06
The Gryffin Councilor
Do you think it is time for an update?

Tuesday 5th August 2008 09:16
The Gryffin Councilor
omg cliff hangerr much

when do you think you are putting in some new chapters
Friday 23rd November 2007 15:55
The Gryffin Councilor
please please please, you have to continue this story, i notice it's been over 2 yrs since your last update but i live in hope, it even bring a lump to my throat and i'm a guy
Monday 5th November 2007 20:37
The Gryffin Councilor
Is this all, where is the rest this really good, do not leave with out an ending please, its been over 2 years
Sunday 30th September 2007 20:35
The Gryffin Councilor
Is this soty abandoned, to bad, since its a great story, like the recalling of memories
Friday 17th August 2007 18:18
The Gryffin Councilor
You have to finish this, when is the next update. I hate when things are left unfinished.
Friday 30th March 2007 09:08
The Gryffin Councilor
Wow, this sounds really good, when are you gonna update?
Friday 16th June 2006 10:51
The Gryffin Councilor
Yup its me again- just cant let this thing go, I am going to keep bugging you untill you al least finish this or start it again- its just too good to let go mate.
Wednesday 14th June 2006 20:40
The Gryffin Councilor
when i the nexy chapter going to come out
i loovvee this

i wanntt to read the next
Tuesday 6th June 2006 09:47
The Gryffin Councilor
Buzz- I fear your lost, or abaondoned this story. Just to let you know, it is a story that needs finishing or if I could persuade you to continue it? Its very good and it wrenches me each time I read it (yup, this is at least my 4th read through). So I hope this review finds you well and you consider going on, again its a great story and you should be happy with it. Best wishes
Saturday 25th March 2006 12:56
The Gryffin Councilor
Have you abandoned this story?
Thursday 17th November 2005 11:28
The Gryffin Councilor
C'mon, hav you abondoned this? This was fantastic :)
Saturday 8th October 2005 08:47
The Gryffin Councilor
Brilliant .. utterly brilliant! Have you completed the fic yet? If yes, is there any place you have posted this in full? This is the best fic I have read so far. I loe Harry being powerful!
Monday 29th August 2005 13:26
The Gryffin Councilor
Very good story, Well you can try to lower the chapter a bit meaby but keep up the good work!

Friday 27th May 2005 21:54
The Gryffin Councilor
I loved it, please if your chapters are this long I love reading them,
I really cried with all the emotions you played with the characters, please let us find out soon what happens between Harry and Ginny, I wish all of your chapter were this long, or at least long enough to read what the important things are, and really I know it´s hard, seeing everything and every little small detail is important, I hope you update soon, and I´m looking forward for the confrantations and explanations between Harry and Ginny, but also as to what will Ron tell Hermione is his excuse for lying to her for more than five years. Please update soon and Congrats, you are an extraordinaire writer.!!!
Friday 27th May 2005 06:52
The Gryffin Councilor
Great story.  Keep posting.  You have 49 days :).  Long chapters are fine in my opinion.
Friday 27th May 2005 01:40
The Gryffin Councilor


Don't think too much about how long of chapter. It's cool and interesting. Yeah, I spent more than hour to finish. Actually, English is not my own language so I have to spend a bit of time to translate (in my head). I love yr story. I different from others in some way. I read many stories but yr one is quite interesting for me and i keep follow. I almost print all stories and keep to read when free. But this time I read directly from computer so a bit tired but anyway, I have a chance to comment immediately (normally I didn't comment very offten). Don't keep me wait too long for next chapter ok?


Thursday 26th May 2005 22:53
The Gryffin Councilor
No no no ... you shouldn't reduce the length of the chapters.  Long chapters are awesome.  Learnt a lot about Harry's history, although what exactly Ron's role in everything is, isn't very clear.

I guess R/H will be having a nice confontration coming up in addition to the H/G one.

Great chapter and the story is coming along quite well. Very interesting. Looks to be a long story too since lot of plot to come it seems.  Looking forward to the next chapter.

Thursday 26th May 2005 19:11
The Gryffin Councilor
No it is perfect!
Thursday 26th May 2005 18:50
The Gryffin Councilor

Lovely chapter.  Long chapters are always something to look forward to - really lets the reader get into the story, unlike short chapters where you get all warmed up and then *bang* it's done.  ;)

This story has made me feel as if I should be able to figure everything out if I'd just really examine everything each character has reveled or said so far.  I feel like Hermione, trying to puzzle something out.  Keep up the great and thought provoking work. 

Thursday 26th May 2005 16:03
The Gryffin Councilor
There is no such thing as a chapter that is too long.  Keep the good stuff coming.  I'm still not thrilled that Draco is more than a poorly marked grave, but your plot is unfolding fantasticly.

Thursday 26th May 2005 14:59
The Gryffin Councilor

i have no problems with long. long is good too =D

Ima Quidditch Fan
Thursday 26th May 2005 14:28
The Gryffin Councilor
Wow... that was great.  Looking forward to the confrontation(s).
Thursday 26th May 2005 13:04
The Gryffin Councilor
Awesome job! Such a brilliantly long chapters! I love long chapters! Brilliant job! I can't wait to see the reaction Harry gets from Ginny!! Post some more as soon as you can!
Muggle Witch
Thursday 26th May 2005 11:35
The Gryffin Councilor

No it was not too long. I thought it was great. I am so glad that the truth is out. Now, the confrontation with Ginny...boy is Harry gonna get it