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Reviews For Harry’s Birthday Outing by Arnel

Sunday 12th July 2009 00:37
Harry’s Birthday Outing
Loved this again as much as the first read. You are truly one of my favorites!!!
Sunday 12th July 2009 01:24Harry’s Birthday Outing (Author Response)
It's really nice to know that all my stories are being read and re-read by people who like them. This was a fun story to write. I wrote it for the 2005 Summer Short n' Sweet Contest. It didn't win anything, but I was able to explore an aspect of SS/PS that I had been curious about and I think that's what counts.

Thanks for reviewing. ~~Arnel
Friday 25th January 2008 17:28
Harry’s Birthday Outing
haha cute story! im glad that the snake was there
Friday 25th January 2008 22:20Harry’s Birthday Outing (Author Response)
haha cute story! im glad that the snake was there

So was Harry! Thanks for taking the time to review.
Friday 5th October 2007 17:42
Harry’s Birthday Outing
loved it all the details harry finding his snake, ron his voice. you really can write, thanks for sharing it with us.
Friday 5th October 2007 21:57Harry’s Birthday Outing (Author Response)
Since this was a Summer Story Contest piece, I had to be really cautious about how detailed I made the story and how long it was. Thanks for commenting on how much you enjoyed the details in this story because I thought I left out a lot that could have been said!
Thursday 20th September 2007 05:17
Harry’s Birthday Outing
Hahah oh that's cute! I love that Ron finally got his voice back, and what a perfect way for it to happen Great story!
Thursday 20th September 2007 06:26Harry’s Birthday Outing (Author Response)
Syrupy sweet with a happy ending... that's what I was aiming for. I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Thanks for reviewing.
Friday 20th July 2007 11:18
Harry’s Birthday Outing
I think it was sweet!!

Kiss Kiss

Friday 20th July 2007 12:14Harry’s Birthday Outing (Author Response)
I'm glad you like the story. Thanks for reviewing.
Saturday 24th March 2007 05:09
Harry’s Birthday Outing
aww ronniekins got his voice back so sweet

i love the way harry wanted to talk to his snake again. so sentimental, but so

loved the story thanks for writing it
Saturday 24th March 2007 23:48Harry’s Birthday Outing (Author Response)
You're welcome, and thank you for reviewing. Since this was the sweet-and-sappy sort of fluff story, Ron absolutely had to get his voice back. As for Harry and the snake, I'd never seen a story using that subject before or since, so I like to think of it as one-of-a-kind.
XXXmister-E werepony unit
Wednesday 2nd November 2005 16:24
Harry’s Birthday Outing
Wednesday 2nd November 2005 23:21Harry’s Birthday Outing (Author Response)

I'm glad you liked my story.  I had fun writing it.

Tuesday 5th July 2005 21:27
Harry’s Birthday Outing

Cute story.

Wednesday 6th July 2005 21:09Harry’s Birthday Outing (Author Response)
Glad you liked it.  Thanks for reviewing.
Tuesday 5th July 2005 20:05
Harry’s Birthday Outing
Wow, that last part there totally reminded me of the scene with the twins and Harry in the 3rd movie. Great fic!
Wednesday 6th July 2005 21:11Harry’s Birthday Outing (Author Response)
I hadn't thought of that.  This was my first venture into "twins-speak" and I had a lot of fun writing the end. Thanks for your review.
Monday 4th July 2005 11:04
Harry’s Birthday Outing

AWW I absolutley loved it.  Especially the ending!!!!!!!! Once I find out what your username is I'll have to read more of your stories ,  Do you have any more?

great job, keep writing, and PLez write back


Wednesday 6th July 2005 21:20Harry’s Birthday Outing (Author Response)

I just checked my reviews and have found your name many times.  I appreciate your comments more than you can imagine; they are so encouraging and enthusiastic that I just want to keep writing!  I'm glad you enjoyed my entry.

Monday 4th July 2005 00:31
Harry’s Birthday Outing

Well, this certainly rates a review. I'm trying to peg the stroies with the author styles I know and love. I'm thinking here...

One redundant statement hit me in the face: "He had no idea how much he had wanted to converse with the reptile so much."

I like how Harry wanted to return to the zoo after the end of the whole saga, and talk to his snake again. The Ron part at the end made sense, but seemed a little rushed. Size limitations?

Wednesday 6th July 2005 21:26Harry’s Birthday Outing (Author Response)

You hit the nail on the head more than once with your comment about the end being rushed and the problem with size limitations.  Something had to give and neither I nor my beta could come up with a way to fix that particular problem that didn't go over the size limit.  Nonetheless, I had fun writing the story. 

Thanks for your review.  I'm glad you like my entry.

Sunday 3rd July 2005 23:09
Harry’s Birthday Outing
That was fluffy. Sad to see them suffer after second war, but nevertheless a good piece
Wednesday 6th July 2005 21:28Harry’s Birthday Outing (Author Response)
What counts is that everyone who means anything to Harry personally made it through the war and were there to help him celebrate his birthday.  Thanks for your review.
Sunday 3rd July 2005 19:49
Harry’s Birthday Outing
Aww! That's so sweet! I love Harry getting to talk to the boa constrictor again, and it's brilliant how Ron gets his voice back. Excellent work.
Wednesday 6th July 2005 21:28Harry’s Birthday Outing (Author Response)
I'm glad you liked the story enough to leave a review.  Your kind words mean more than you know.
Saturday 2nd July 2005 22:42
Harry’s Birthday Outing
That was  cute!  I liked the mix of muggle and wizard sweets that were mentioned, and that Harry got to enjoy things that he couldn't have before. 
And I had a feeling that Ron would find his voice that way!
Wednesday 6th July 2005 21:33Harry’s Birthday Outing (Author Response)
Give Ron a nice dark corner, some chocolate and Hermione to hold and something had to happen!  I had a lot of fun researching the sweets for this story and devising how I'd incorporate them into the situation.  I hadn't realized just how many sweets were mentioned in Book 1 until I went looking!  Thanks for your review.
Saturday 2nd July 2005 14:45
Harry’s Birthday Outing
How sweet this gets my vote.
Wednesday 6th July 2005 21:37Harry’s Birthday Outing (Author Response)
I'm glad you liked my story enough to leave a review.  Thank you.
Saturday 2nd July 2005 07:07
Harry’s Birthday Outing
Nice job - I love the conversation with the snake. 
Wednesday 6th July 2005 21:39Harry’s Birthday Outing (Author Response)
I've always felt that Harry wants to contact the snake because of how the scene ends in Book One.  This was my way of giving him a little closure.  Thanks for your review.
Friday 1st July 2005 08:26
Harry’s Birthday Outing
I liked the idea of Harry wanting to see his snake friend again.  And your faery tale twist on the love's first kiss was a great idea.
Wednesday 6th July 2005 21:43Harry’s Birthday Outing (Author Response)

The end of this story is the result of reading several fairy tales to my four-year-old son and also the fact that his favorite movies are Shrek and Shrek2.  (The true love's kiss features heavily in both movies.)

I've always felt Harry wants some closure to the Book 1 episode with the boa constrictor.  This was my way of giving it to him.

Thanks for reviewing.

Friday 1st July 2005 07:41
Harry’s Birthday Outing
His voice came back. Must have been a combo of kissing and chocolate.

Great fic. Nice to see Harry relaxing for a change. Good work.
Wednesday 6th July 2005 21:46Harry’s Birthday Outing (Author Response)

As I wrote to another reviewer, give Ron a dark corner (ie, an aquarium), some chocolate and Hermione to hold and something has to come of the combination.

As for a relaxed Harry, it was time to let him be himself and do what he wants to do for a change.  It was fun to write him that way.

I appreciate your review.

Friday 1st July 2005 00:20
Harry’s Birthday Outing

Nicely done.  The fact that Harry wanted to go back to the zoo with friends because he never got to go when he was little really got to me.  I liked how Ron got his voice back after he kissed Hermione.

Adeline Avin
Thursday 30th June 2005 21:22
Harry’s Birthday Outing
Sweet story.  I'm glad that Ron got his voice back in the end. He just wouldn't be Ron without all his funny comments. Something I wondered about, though, while reading: George said there would be peace in the Gryffindor common room since Ron and Hermione had gotten together, but if Harry was turning 18, wouldn't he, Hermione and Ron have already graduated anyway? 
Wednesday 6th July 2005 21:49Harry’s Birthday Outing (Author Response)

You found something that both my beta and I failed to catch...good eye!  Ron needed to get his voice back and he also needed to get his girl, soooooo...I provided the means to the happy, fluffy ending.

Thanks for your review.

Thursday 30th June 2005 18:39
Harry’s Birthday Outing

Hehe! I loved it.

I really enjoy Ron and Hermione as a couple, and this was a good way to get them together.

I thought it was a nice touch that Harry found his snake. Good job with that.

Wednesday 6th July 2005 21:55Harry’s Birthday Outing (Author Response)

I'm glad you like the story.  Since the war is over in this one, it was easy to let love flourish for Ron and Hermione:  dark aquariums, a little Muggle chocolate and fluff just has to happen!

As for Harry and the boa constrictor, I've always felt Harry never had the chance to close that little chapter of his life.  Therefore, that became the entire purpose of this little birthday jaunt, the first fun thing Harry could do and share with his friends after the war.

Thanks for your review.