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Reviews For A Necessary Farewell by Delylah

Saturday 15th August 2009 21:40
A Necessary Farewell
that's a well written story. i can imagine that exact extract being in the series, it isnt fluffy, and all the characters are behaving as i imagine they would. a great job!
Saturday 16th September 2006 23:04
A Necessary Farewell
*sniff* *sniff* (happy tears) Lovely.^^
keira azul
Saturday 15th July 2006 15:58
A Necessary Farewell
sweet story....I hope this isn't how it goes though. I'm almost certain, that in the end Ginny will be there. And Neville and Luna and maybe even the twins....but especially Ginny. Because I know the kind of girl she is, and she won't just let him take off to protect her...not when she knows she can protect him better!
Thursday 22nd June 2006 22:20
A Necessary Farewell
somehow i hoped that ginny would insist on going along... maybe in a sequel ?
Friday 21st October 2005 11:17
A Necessary Farewell
Dumb question--why does it say it's Pre-OotP when it's so clearly Post-HBP?
Friday 21st October 2005 13:08A Necessary Farewell (Author Response)
Probably because the wrong setting was selected/not changed when the story was uploaded. Thanks for pointing that out; I've fixed it.
Pineapple Queen
Saturday 15th October 2005 23:09
A Necessary Farewell
What a wonderful fic...makes my heart ache. I love the bittersweetness.
Sunday 9th October 2005 15:05
A Necessary Farewell
Awesome job! This story was fantastic. Aww I wish you'd write and sequel to it. Where they're actually at the Burrow for the wedding. I loved Harry in this story. Brilliantly done!
Thursday 29th September 2005 07:42
A Necessary Farewell
Nice work, especially the part about how "our story will end."  S
Antonia East
Monday 26th September 2005 10:00
A Necessary Farewell
Oh, that's made me feel so sad for Ginny and Harry - not that I didn't already, but that really felt like an extension of the book.  
Friday 23rd September 2005 18:41
A Necessary Farewell
That was wonderful.
Friday 23rd September 2005 12:55
A Necessary Farewell
You have understood something that a lot of H/G "shippers" haven't yet figured out: that Harry has not rejected Ginny. Good job.
Friday 23rd September 2005 03:58
A Necessary Farewell
Great Story, like Gridley I loved the "Have you ever read a book...." line.
Thursday 22nd September 2005 13:41
A Necessary Farewell
This was wonderful.  I really enjoyed it.  Harry's hope that Ginny had been waving to him, too really choked me up.  Sigh.  I'm going to keep the images from this scene in my head and just pretend it's canon, okay?
Thursday 22nd September 2005 13:08
A Necessary Farewell
Yay! I saw that you'd you updated and I had to read. Well done, as always. :)
Thursday 22nd September 2005 06:17
A Necessary Farewell

"Have you ever picked up a book..." Oh yes, yes I have. Wow.

That was an incredibly emotionally tense short. Wonderful.

Thursday 22nd September 2005 05:27
A Necessary Farewell
Nice.  That made a few of the unsaid things said, and Harry and Ginny now both know that the story has not ended.  Great metaphor, by the way.


Wednesday 21st September 2005 18:49
A Necessary Farewell
Very good story.
Wednesday 21st September 2005 18:30
A Necessary Farewell
I daresay I liked this story a lot--the opening quote fit it rather well, and it's exactly how I imagine Ginny and Harry would act in that situation.  Also, your Hermione was fabulously in character, and now I feel really bad for Mrs. Weasley.  Also, the ending fits well with their beginning--Ginny running and waving until the train was out of sight in the first book.  Kudos to that!  Excellent fic.
Mr Flibble
Wednesday 21st September 2005 17:47
A Necessary Farewell
Wednesday 21st September 2005 16:21
A Necessary Farewell
breathtaking... the scene between harry and ginny on the almost-empty platform... i felt what ginny felt.  i happened to be listening to a particularly beautiful part of 'rhapsody in blue' at the time and it just fit perfectly with that scene... right out of an old black and white movie!  thanks for this, really
Wednesday 21st September 2005 15:00
A Necessary Farewell
I loved this, it was beautiful, I want to read it again :)

I think this is what is going to happen in the books though I think it's a shame and millions of harry/ginny shippers hearts are breaking as I say this, but I think they do have to be apart untill he finishes it. I love the way you have written this, and it is exactly the type of thing I imagined happening.

anyway, well done I really love this,
Wednesday 21st September 2005 13:38
A Necessary Farewell
I really like this scene in King's Cross. It's perfect. There's no overwhelming sappiness in it, but you can see the depth of the feelings they have for one another. There's Harry's fear of personal feelings and making plans for the future, Ginny's worry that he would still see her as her younger self... The history they share with one another... and all the unsaid aspects that you know Harry would never be able to actually *talk* about.
Wednesday 21st September 2005 13:33
A Necessary Farewell