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Reviews For Something Gold by Gowdie

Sunday 3rd August 2008 13:20
Something Gold
what a lovely story! really well written. You've captured
Ginny's character beautifully
Sunday 3rd August 2008 13:20
Something Gold
what a lovely story! really well written. You've captured
Ginny's character beautifully
Sunday 3rd August 2008 13:18
Something Gold
what a lovely story! really well written. You've captured
Ginny's character beautifully
The Jedi Witch
Tuesday 1st January 2008 23:46
Something Gold
What can I say? This is just lovely. I always believed that Ginny understood why Harry did what he did and would wait for him. You don't just give up on a relationship with such potential. She wouldn't have been angry and resented him. She knew that she couldn't go with him but wanted him to know that he could come back. I think you've captured that perfectly. And please tell me where I can read more of 'Bumbling Towards Ecstasy'! It's killing me not knowing where it goes.
Tuesday 2nd October 2007 08:00
Something Gold
great story!!! I loved the part where you said that ginny would put her brothers to shame. and im glad that harry came to his senses :p
Tuesday 3rd July 2007 03:46
Something Gold
Perfect, the righ amount of all emotions and writen by an expert.
Thank you for letting me enjoy this story.
Wednesday 13th June 2007 19:21
Something Gold
This is the best wedding Ginny/Harry reunion I've read anywhere and I've read quite a few. Excellent writing, lots of tension and a sweet release. Well done!
Narcissa Black
Monday 28th May 2007 22:19
Something Gold
I'm reading this as part of the voting for Gems. Your Harry is much smoother than JKR's. That's all right, though. I'm supposed to imagine if she could have written this, perhaps under the influence of something more than tea. I think it was Harry using the word 'langish'. He is growing up so I suppose he might 'langish' a bit. Very nice job.
Sunday 11th February 2007 11:23
Something Gold
Very, very nice! I love how you got into both of their minds. I especially liked the part where Harry remembers that time at the lake. Good job!
Thursday 7th September 2006 09:43
Something Gold
Very Touching, and I think this is probably about right. I think Ginny is mad, but she's not mad at Harry. I think she is heart broken, but she doesn't view their relationship as over. It was good I liked it, although I thought you should have ended it with him sneaking into her room and kissing her goodbye in her sleep the next morning.

Saturday 2nd September 2006 22:03
Something Gold
I have a glazed look in my eyes and a delirious smile on my face...
Well done!
Friday 1st September 2006 11:31
Something Gold
This is, truly, one of the best fics I've read in a long time. Completely in character and just the way I hope their encounter at the wedding will go. Very well done and I look forward to reading more of your work!
Friday 1st September 2006 11:30
Something Gold
I really enjoyed reading this story....It's similar to the way I imagine the wedding scene ....and Ginny's bridesmaid dress made me giggle...i loved Harry's reacion to them....they remind me of ones I wore to my sister's wedding...though I was only 10 at the time so I looked quite cute(If I do say so myself!)... Thank You!
J Daisy
Thursday 31st August 2006 08:54
Something Gold
Perfect! Oh, this was so sweet. I felt so...*satisfied* at the end. Great job.
Wednesday 30th August 2006 07:30
Something Gold
I read this originally quite awhile back, but thoroughly enjoyed getting to read this again. This is one of my favorite post-HBP ficlets because you very much mirror my imaginings of what will happen next. Many authors seem to completely disregard the final chapter of HBP in which Harry & co. make plans for what's to come. But you're sticking with the plans JKR laid out (and which she confirmed in interviews) while adding your own unique spin.

I know many authors try to have Ginny chasing after Harry or have their break-up immediately patched up, but I honestly like this vision of yours much better. Harry isn't weaker because of the break-up - he's focused and driven. He's got something pretty amazing waiting for him at the end of his journey, and he has to work for it.

Well done!
Tuesday 29th August 2006 07:50
Something Gold
Fluffy and funny. Like you said, everyone and their mother has written a wedding fic (including myself) but I'm glad you joined in, because none of the other wedding fics I've read have considered the fact that Ginny is, and will always be, a little girl in Molly's eyes. I can just imagine the robes, how awful. I don't blame Harry for laughing when imagining the temper Ginny must have had about the whole issue. Thanks for sharing this! -Sonia
Tuesday 29th August 2006 04:41
Something Gold
That was fantastic - and exactly how I imagine the day would go. I don't believe Ginny would let him just disappear either.

So great - write more.
Grandma Kate
Tuesday 29th August 2006 00:02
Something Gold
I love your version of what happens at the wedding.
Monday 28th August 2006 22:24
Something Gold
Love, love, love. Very well done.
Felix Felicis
Monday 28th August 2006 20:07
Something Gold
I liked it a lot. You managed to make me feel sorry for Ginny in her silly dress. Poor girl! It's so nice that Harry and Ginny had this one last chance to be together. I really don't know how he's going to get through it all without her. I think you've captured exactly what JKR is going to do. Harry needs one last boost to his determination before leaving everyone, and Ginny is exactly it. She's what he's fighting for and he needs a reminder. He's in love with her and he finally sees that he could have a future.

I really, really liked your version of the last meeting. Certainly one of the best I've read!
Monday 28th August 2006 19:32
Something Gold

That was absolutely beautiful, and just what I needed to feed my H/G monster tonight!

I love the idea of those robes, and Harry's reaction. And what lovely insight into Ginny's thoughts.

Connor Landon
Monday 28th August 2006 18:25
Something Gold
This was really good! Definitely my favourite take on Bill and Fleur's wedding. I loved the fact that Harry was laughing at Ginny's hideous robes. He's great, and you wrote both Harry and Ginny wonderfully. Great job, I enjoyed reading!
Monday 28th August 2006 18:00
Something Gold
This.. This.. This is good. :]

Monday 28th August 2006 10:34
Something Gold
This is how I saw the break up too. I'm glad somebody else agrees with me.

I can't help but see a resemblence to Buffy/Angel and going to the Prom, It's not a reconciliation but everyone deserves a day/night of happiness. That could just be since I watched those episodes last night.
Wednesday 21st June 2006 13:10
Something Gold
This is good, very good. I don't think this would happen though. When Harry breaks up with Ginny, I think he fully intends to stay away till its all over. Anyway, keep up the excellent work!
Thursday 16th March 2006 00:06
Something Gold
I absolutely loved this one shot. It made me smile! Keep writing - I'm still waiting for the sequel of that other fic you wrote ...
Sunday 5th March 2006 14:40
Something Gold
I've reviewed this before but since it's one of those stories that's so worth reading over and over, I thought I'd add another one. This is the way it should go in Book 7. It probably won't be (but there again who knows?) - but it should. I love it both for the wedding and the lovely missing moment by the lake. Great writing.
Wednesday 15th March 2006 14:26Something Gold (Author Response)
Weeeee - double reviews! Thank you very much for the extra love. As for book 7 - I will be so so happy with a few longing looks and maybe one really nice conversation at the wedding. Anything else will just be a delicious bonus.
Friday 3rd March 2006 10:25
Something Gold
Thank you! That's how I interpreted it too, but was getting frustrated with everyone writing Ginny as throwing a hissy fit. I really enjoyed this story.
Wednesday 15th March 2006 14:24Something Gold (Author Response)
Yeah, I'm not a fan of the hissy fit either. Thank you!
Thursday 19th January 2006 13:17
Something Gold

I agree with you...most of the wedding fics I've read are very contrived and I haven't liked the way Ginny is characterized.  She is my favorite character (other than Harry) and most authors aren't giving her enough credit.

That being said, this is wonderful.  Just right.  I feel the same, Ginny is not angry with Harry.  She knows what's what.

Thanks, can't wait to read your other story.

Friday 20th January 2006 22:34Something Gold (Author Response)
Yeah - she gets him, she has since the second book - and she probably saw it coming. I think a lot of people were angry about the breakup - and wanted Ginny to be angry. Whereas I thought it was the most romantic scene it in the book. And to me it feels like the set up for his happy ending - this is what he is giving up now, and this is how hard it is, but it's what he'll get to come back to when it's over. Thank you!
Thursday 19th January 2006 06:22
Something Gold
Oh, thank you. This story is sweet, realistic, and it follows the events of HBP perfectly naturally!
I'm glad you did NOT use several clich├ęs of fanfiction like the twins having written the Valentine's card or Ginny getting mad with Harry (agaiiin)... For once, she is not some stupid girl who always forces her way through.
So, again, thanks.
Thursday 19th January 2006 11:20Something Gold (Author Response)
Thank you!  And yeah, I really felt the point of their conversation at the end of HBP was that Ginny truly understood where Harry was coming from - and though it made her sad, and her gut inclination may have been to disagree, she accepted it.  As for the valentine - it was an issue I refused to weigh in on, because I wasn't sure. But then Rowling said in the Leaky/Mugglenet interview that Ginny was the one who sent it - and that's what motivated the acknowledgement here. 
Monday 14th November 2005 20:55
Something Gold
I thought I'd reviewed this--perhaps elsewhere?

This is my favorite of the plethora of Bill-and-Fleur's-wedding fics--it's perfectly IC, and makes as much sense as anything of Ginny NOT going along with Harry, Ron and Hermione--which, much as it bothers me, is the only possible payoff for the annoying breakup at the end of HBP.

I've rec'd this at The Crack Broom, btw...

Tuesday 15th November 2005 21:51Something Gold (Author Response)

You did!  So thank you again.  And I read the rec - and it was lovely.  Absolutely lovely.  Okay, I read it several times.  I might go visit it again.  Right now.  I want to hire you now to write blurbs for everything I ever do.  I have been lurking a bit at the Harry/Ginny live journal - but I don't have a journal of my own, so I never post.  And I saw that you were going to be doing the recs - and I am thrilled and stunned to have made the list. 

And btw - romantic angst over the separation is one of the payoffs for the breakup - and it could be a delicious one.  Buy you do realize the other payoff don't you?   Separating them now makes his success and their happy ending that much greater.  Rowling gave Harry a taste of what life could be like - and then took it away - and I truly believe the structural point of the breakup is to put his happiness in jeopardy.  Not just his survival, not just peace - but his own personal happiness.  And the only reason to do that is because it will payoff in the end.


Friday 11th November 2005 16:26
Something Gold

*wipes drool off desk* wow. That was AMAZING! Loved it. Probably the best PostHBP-PreHorcrux-Bill/Fluer-wedding fic thingamabob I've read so far!... you get the point. ^^ Very good job! It was fantarvelous.... when I get bored I combine words.... yeah. Well, great fic, anyway. xD

Saturday 12th November 2005 20:29Something Gold (Author Response)
Drool!  My first drool!  Wheee.    It might sound funny, but saying that I get the point is about the best affirmation I could ask for.  Because well, one of the main motives for writing the thing was that I thought I had the point, but it seemed a lot of people read it differently than I, and I wanted to get the point out there, so to speak.  If you get my point.  Thank you!  And again, love the drool!
Thursday 20th October 2005 00:09
Something Gold
This is a delightful story.  Exactly the way I would hope what promises to be a trying day for all concerned transpires.  I especially like the fact that, through it all, H & G can still laugh with each other.
Friday 21st October 2005 14:45Something Gold (Author Response)
Thank you very much!  Humour seems to be such an important facet of Harry's character - it's like his survival mechanism, both with the Durley's and Voldemort - and from the glimpses we've been given, it appears to be a huge part of his attraction to, relationship with, Ginny.  So to me it's kinda like a gage of how they are doing - if they can still laugh together, everything else will fall back into place.  And I realize I'm going on a tangent - but it's something I have been thinking about a lot with the stories I am currently working on.  What I want to say is, their laughter is big to the story and to me - so I'm thrilled it spoke to you! 
Wednesday 19th October 2005 13:45
Something Gold

really really

really really

really really

really really

really really

really really totally excellent! I love how you included every detail from the end of HBP.. I hope this really happens.. wonderful *votes for award*

Wednesday 19th October 2005 21:50Something Gold (Author Response)
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!    For the review - and the vote!  Not that I'm thinking about that at all, nope, not me.
Tuesday 18th October 2005 23:05
Something Gold
Very, very, very good job on this! Thank you for not making it sappy and overemotional, but realistically confusing. Thank you, too, for making Ginny a woman and not typical teen. She was so cool when he broke it off, and you showed why in your writing of her thoughts. She knows Harry; she knows what he needs.
But , I hope in the book she's allowed to go with him somehow. Urgh!
So well-written!! Kudos!
Wednesday 19th October 2005 21:48Something Gold (Author Response)

Yes, that is exactly how I read their last scene - they have a very deep understanding of exactly what is happening and why.  She gets him.  And he knows that she does.  And she knows, he knows, she knows, you know?   And while I would bet that he doesn't change his mind to bring her with him - that doesn't mean they won't cross paths somewhere along the way!  Here's hoping!

Thank you for calling Ginny a woman in this - I like that a lot.  And for saying I avoided the sappiness and overemotional bit - because those are precisely what I was trying to stay clear of, but it can be such a thin line.   Thank you very much!

Saturday 15th October 2005 08:39
Something Gold

What a beautiful, beautiful story. This was absolutely wonderful. I loved the way you brought them back together if just for one day. It wasn't forced, or just thrown together. But brought together by mutual agreement. Very lovely done. Maybe now, Harry will come to believe in Dumbledore's words about the most strongest power against Voldemort is love. His love for Ginny and hers for him plus the love of the people around him will be his triump over evil.

Great job!

Sunday 16th October 2005 12:48Something Gold (Author Response)

Yeah, I love the whole love theme.  And that in HBP Dumbledore actually mentioned that Harry's capacity to love is actually very impressive considering his childhood.  Voldy and Harry had largely the same experience - yet one came out with resentment and hatred and the other with optimism and a deep sense of caring.  Harry has people lined up who love him so much they would die to protect him - and Voldy only inspires fear and cowering.  Who is the more powerful? 

Thank you very much!  I like what you said about mutual agreement - that is exactly the spirit of what I was aiming for between the two of them. 


Mr Flibble
Friday 14th October 2005 06:50
Something Gold
cue the kittens, start playing the harp
buy the roses and the chocolate
smuggle in some fluffy puppies and we're all set

of course if we didn't want an ending like that we could...

flip off the kittens, start playing the wobble board
smash the roses and eat all the chocky first
strangle the puppies after shaving them and have a messy angst fest

and no. i have no idea what all this has to do with anything about this story...but the story worked well. my review doesn't, nor does it claim to
Sunday 16th October 2005 12:38Something Gold (Author Response)

Man, I know it was completely not what you intended - but something about that little ditty seriously reminded me of W.H. Auden's Stop All the Clocks. 

You know the one: Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone / Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone, / Silence the pianos and with muffled drum / Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.

Something about the rhythem. 

Anyhoo, thrilled to hear you enjoyed the story! Thank you!


Thursday 13th October 2005 20:33
Something Gold
It was the spot that just spoke to me, as it were. That's cool! Keep it up!
Sunday 16th October 2005 12:31Something Gold (Author Response)
Well, I still love that it's the moment that did.  Thank you!
Thursday 13th October 2005 17:50
Something Gold

What a brilliantly written story. I loved how you wrote everything. The Harry and Ginny bantar was awesome!

The monster in his chest, which had spent the last month curled in a ball, licking its wounds, had rumbled and demanded that he consume the entire tin in one go. Harry had hungrily complied.

I loved that line...lmao. Too funny. I can't wait to read more stories from you!!

Sunday 16th October 2005 12:30Something Gold (Author Response)
Hee hee - that was one of those - puttering around the kitchen, then suddenly having to grab a scrap of paper to write it down - lines.  I was pretty fond of it.  Thank you very much!    Hopefully I will have more for you sometime soon.
Thursday 13th October 2005 13:54
Something Gold
You nailed it! Write more, please....
Sunday 16th October 2005 12:28Something Gold (Author Response)
Thank you very much!  And I am working on it.
Thursday 13th October 2005 04:58
Something Gold
This fic certainly shows the determination in Ginny that Harry knew was there during the "breakup" scene at Dumbledore's funeral.  It is a beautiful piece, and I think this is about the third or fourth time I have read it.  Always returning because it makes my heart stop for a second.
Well done!
Thursday 13th October 2005 12:16Something Gold (Author Response)
Whao!  Heart stoppage!  Awesome - thank you!    And yes - that is exactly how I read that scene - she really gets it. 
Thursday 13th October 2005 00:18
Something Gold

That was so very very lovely. It's wonderful.

Thursday 13th October 2005 12:15Something Gold (Author Response)
Thank you!  I love sighs!  
Wednesday 12th October 2005 23:38
Something Gold
This is nice, a very different take on the wedding. Most fics, even the really good ones, have Harry realize what a mistake it was to let Ginny go, they get back together, and either Ginny goes with the trio or does research from home. I like this. The flipping POVs, the conflicting thoughts- all excellent.
Thursday 13th October 2005 12:13Something Gold (Author Response)

Yeah - and I just don't see that happening.  I think they may have a moment at the wedding - I found it hilarious when Harry was looking forward to the wedding but seemed to forget he would have to deal with Ginny being there, and I look forward to that.  And it is very possibly Ginny might become involved somewhere in book seven - but I don't think it will be because Harry changes his mind.  The secret is way too important to tell anyone who isn't absolutely necessary.  Or she might just be the book ends.  Bets anyone?  And thank you very much!  Thrilled to hear the he said/she said is being enjoyed.



Wednesday 12th October 2005 20:10
Something Gold
I so loved this piece.  It was beautiful and uplifting, and even better - realistically written and in character for everyone involved.  I hope you write more Post-HBP stuff - I will certainly give it a happy read if you do.
Thursday 13th October 2005 12:08Something Gold (Author Response)
A sequel is very likely on its way.  Though I should warn - it may be a far bit angstier than this.  It's kinda like the Empire Strikes Back - only without anyone getting frozen in carbonite - if this turns into a trilogy.  I have another WIP written pre-HBP which I need to work on first - but hopefully I would have it out within a couple months.  I am very slow.  Thank you very much!
Wednesday 12th October 2005 19:56
Something Gold

Lovely and very satisfying.  It's an excellent rendering of their relationship and I agree with you whole-heartedly.

Well done!

Thursday 13th October 2005 12:04Something Gold (Author Response)
Thrilled to hear when other people were thinking along the same lines - thank you very much.
Wednesday 12th October 2005 18:35
Something Gold

Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!

My favorite part was:

"And Harry's face broke into the toothiest grin she had ever seen him wear. His shoulders were even shaking slightly.

"Ginny couldn't believe it. Here she was, walking down the aisle in this pale-gold, puffy-sleeved monstrosity, an absolute wreck of nerves at the idea of seeing him again for the first time, having no idea how to behave, and the git was laughing at her. If she had her wand she might hex him.

"Instead Ginny did the only thing she could; she rolled her eyes, blushed fiercely and started laughing with him."

But, of course, the end was quite fantastic as well! 

Thursday 13th October 2005 12:03Something Gold (Author Response)
Dude, that was wicked awesome.  That section was the first image I had for the story - and everything else grew from there.  Seriously.  The last week of July I sent an email entitled "Oh No!" to one of my betas with those exact lines as the body - to let her know a story was on it's way.  So I absolutely love that it was your favourite part.  Thank you very much!
Wednesday 12th October 2005 16:17
Something Gold
At the risk of repeating myself, this is still out-freaking-standing.  I'm happy to see it posted here.
Thursday 13th October 2005 12:00Something Gold (Author Response)
Repetition is one of the greater forms of persuasion.  By all means - carry on!    Thank you once again!
Wednesday 12th October 2005 14:24
Something Gold

wow. this was great. perhaps my favourite one-shot. you covered alot of gound here, but it didn't feel too rushed. atleast to me.

good show!

Thursday 13th October 2005 11:58Something Gold (Author Response)
Awesome to hear it wasn't rushed.  I don't think anyone will ever complain that something I write goes on too long - but the rushing could be an issue.  Thank you very much!
Wednesday 12th October 2005 13:03
Something Gold
Very, very, very nice.  You should write more editorials this way!  I think that this has become my absolute favorite wedding fic.    On the technical side, I really enjoyed the way you handled Harry and Ginny.  I think you got them just right.  Also, I sense a mature and realistic handling of the characters and their emotions.  Too sweet!    Thanks for sharing!!!!!!
Thursday 13th October 2005 11:54Something Gold (Author Response)
Hee - everything I write is an editorial in some way.  There is always some opinion or another that I slip in - sometimes more obviously than others.  Tra la la.  Thank you very much - especially for the mature comment.  It's really tickling my fancy - the idea that perhaps life experience has found it's way into my writing.