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Reviews For Paper and Cotton by yoda

Friday 1st January 2010 02:09
Paper and Cotton
That was a brilliant bit of writing. Well done.
Monday 21st January 2008 16:18
Paper and Cotton
nice story that would be so painful to have your wrist broken like that!
dumbledore came back! YEAH!!!
Thursday 14th September 2006 22:02
Paper and Cotton
This was great.^^
Tuesday 6th December 2005 16:17
Paper and Cotton

Greetings all - sorry it's taken so long for me to post a 'thank you!' here but with the NaNo on my head's been anywhere but sensible and remembering stuff.

So anyway, this is just a great big thank you to all the readers who have enjoyed 'Paper and Cotton' so much, and for everyone who played a part in helping it achieve [i]Story of the Week[/i] status, quite nice mid-NaNo as a confidence booster.

Hopefully I'll have more to come in the future, but I'm currently playing catch up with my version of Book 6 (only 3 chapters out of many done so far) and re-editing Book 5, as soon as they're done I'll be back on track - in theory!

And to quote the small child from 'The Incredibles':

"That was totally WICKED!!!"

You all rock!

Wednesday 16th November 2005 19:28
Paper and Cotton
What a good job! I loved it! It most definately deserves story of the week award! Here's a cookie!  
Tuesday 15th November 2005 22:31
Paper and Cotton

Very well-written story. Although I'm not sure Dumbledore would've used the Killing Curse. He would have used SOMETHING, though, so I'll shut up and leave well enough alone. Especially because I absoluely love the idea of Harry calling on DD in his time of need and still receiving aid as promised.

Tuesday 15th November 2005 16:47
Paper and Cotton
Well that was pretty amazing, that's for sure! Well written, and a wonderful take on the Final Battle. I think this is actually the first post-HBP fic i've read that includes the FB. You write it well, your action sequences had me waiting with baited breath for the next move, and it's darn-few authors can elict that response from me.

Keep up the good work, D_R
Monday 14th November 2005 18:01
Paper and Cotton

Wow. That was really good! I loved the way you made everything... all ... cool.... yeah. Lol, I'm not sure how to describe it. It was very creative, and different. Plus, your name is Yoda, so I have to love it. xD Great job! ^^

Monday 14th November 2005 12:45
Paper and Cotton
The title was clever and the parallel with the Basilisk was well done.
Monday 14th November 2005 12:40
Paper and Cotton
Nice one. Pleased I am with it. Just the right amount of action and fluff. will have to wait a while to see if your ideas come to friutation. I only wish my fic's were this good.
Friday 4th November 2005 03:25
Paper and Cotton
Cool Story.  I enjoyed this a lot.
Saturday 15th October 2005 06:59
Paper and Cotton

Yoda, I’m more than happy to accept the ‘blame’ for this wonderful fic being posted here, how could I not?

The beginning had been two years ago with the death of Albus Dumbledore, and what her father now referred to as their ‘descent into darkness’. ‘In the absence of light, darkness prevails,’ Harry had replied, with a strange smile on his face, ‘and things go bump in the night. Mr. Weasley, I’m going to bump back.’

Great quotes there, really show the strength of character Harry has developed over the last few years.

Harry lived in Hogsmeade, staying in a room above the Three Broomsticks, and it seemed that his very presence was driving Voldemort’s darkness from Hogwarts. Ginny was allowed to visit him every weekend, no questions asked or eyebrows raised if she was gone overnight. When they came home at Christmas, her mother hadn’t even blinked when she told them their bed was made up in Ginny's room.

Ron had gone bright pink, muttering something about Quidditch scores on the radio.

No eyebrows raised, huh? (Bart, waggles eyebrows in exaggerated manner, to compensate)

Love, Ron’s reaction to the whole situation, just perfect, and very very, Ron. *grins*

Ginny had returned to Hogwarts and Harry to Hogsmeade for the next two terms, only returning to the Burrow in the last week, after her exams had finished. They had gone to sleep last night as they had been for the past few months, Harry gently cradling Ginny in his arms – her warmth in a cold world.

But now he was gone.

‘But now he was gone’ A lot of power in those five words, Yoda, a perfect contrast to the previous paragraph, you can actually feel the emptiness Ginny is feeling.

‘He won’t,’ Hermione said, chewing her lip nervously as she glanced between Ginny and her parents. Eventually she continued, looking at the table as she spoke softly, ‘We’ve spent the last two years working out how to destroy Voldemort – forever. Not just to take his body, but him – all of his essence, down to the last hint of his soul.’

‘They needed you for the Horcruxes,’ Ginny said tonelessly, while her feelings inside raged between sorrow and a profound anger at her friend.

‘Only for some, Ginny, and I swear it wouldn’t have lead to this,’ Hermione replied, fresh tears rolling down her face. ‘I didn’t know they’d found the others, or I would never have let them go.’

How very Harry and Ron, to deliberately hide things from their partners to keep them safe, nicely done. 

‘If you make it through this,’ Ron said to Harry over his Firewhisky, ‘Ginny will kill you.’

‘You’re meant to say ‘when’,’ Harry responded, his voice laden with irony, ‘and that’s not half of what Hermione will do to you. Keeping those Horcrux expeditions secret and running out on her to fight the worst evil in the world?’

Whatever gives them that idea?  Old Voldy will seem like a stroll in the park next to Hermione and Ginny.

When the blaze had cleared, Voldemort’s eyes were even thinner – from both surprise and anger. ‘You’re not the only one with a new wand,’ Harry said calmly, holding Dumbledore’s by his side.

Harry using Albus’s wand? How very right, a great touch.

As Voldemort advanced Harry allowed himself a small grin as he gestured upward, ‘Liberacorpus!,’ he shouted. The Death Eater who had been sent flying upward plummeted with a scream…

Hee, you know how much I like this part!

and Harry heard a sickening snapping noise as his wrist was suddenly twisted apart, and Dumbledore’s wand fell to the ground.

You’ve written an incredibly vivid battle sequence, Yoda, so you don’t mind if I flinch, do you?

I will only have truly left this school when none here are loyal to me…help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it, Harry.

A nice nod back, to the previous books, and something that may well come back in the last book, considering the importance, Harry’s loyalty to Dumbledore is given in book 6.

‘Can you rest now?’ Harry asked quietly, a grateful tear falling down his grime covered cheek.

Until I am needed again, Harry, as I have always planned. And thank you for the socks.

‘They’re cotton,’ Harry said with a grin

Hee Hee!

‘You came back,’ she whispered, her hand fighting free of the sheets to caress his face. ‘You came back to me.’ She sat up, wrapping both her arms around his neck and pulling herself into Harry’s chest.

Hugging her back fiercely, Harry felt tears running freely down his face as well. ‘I never left you,’ he whispered, feeling the crumpled letter pressing against the back of his head beneath her hand. ‘I’ll never leave you.’

Why would he! Now he’s home?

 See, a long review, and not once do I question that you have actually written fluff!

Ooops, I just did, didn’t I? 

Friday 14th October 2005 06:40
Paper and Cotton
For some reason the review page seems to have lost my name. Just wanted to let you know that bit of criticism came from critmo.
Wednesday 12th October 2005 23:37
Paper and Cotton
You manage a really wonderful--and difficult--balance of romance and action. Nice job!

I knew it was socks. I just knew it--once I knew who the second present was for.

Though I must say that I wouldn't have blamed Ginny if she had hauled off and broken Harry's nose for pulling a stunt like.