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Reviews For Career Advice by Gridley

Sunday 13th February 2011 19:54
Career Advice
Oh crap I just realized it was James lol
Sunday 13th February 2011 19:48
Career Advice
flobberworm rancher? Nice one Sirius. Uhhh I just imagined Harry Doing that lol
Tuesday 5th February 2008 20:00
Career Advice
I love this, i was laughing hysterically throughout! Great job!

Sunday 21st October 2007 16:04
Career Advice
loved it! especially ginny and colin's. id like to see neville, luna, sirius, james, lily, peter, hagrid, dumbledore, and mrs.weasley. those have some oppurtunities. love the point about blaise. its true! maybe do one with the other twin and ad more mischief to it. Love!
Saturday 1st September 2007 15:34
Career Advice
nice light and funny.
Wednesday 28th February 2007 15:25
Career Advice
Hehe - V. funny. Cmon, second chapter? How 'bout Fudge himself? Or Dolores Umbridge? Macnair? The giant squid (Sorry, ignore that...)? Proff. Quirrell? Proff. Snape? Proff. McGonagall? Albus Dumbledore himself?
Friday 20th July 2007 09:01Career Advice (Author Response)
I somehow doubt the giant squid ever went to Hogwarts. ;-)

"Today in Care of Magical Creatures we will be studying your fellow classmate, Mr. Squid..."
Saturday 19th August 2006 20:05
Career Advice
That was funny. I just read a story where Snape was in a dress that was quite "leg revealing" (as my friend calls it) and would say Girl Power whenever he tried to talk... I'm afraid that had me laughing for 20 minutes and trying to breathe... while this one had be laughing throughout at certain comments but not quite funny enough for 20 minutes of non stop hysterical laughter.
It was great, however, and I look forward to a possibly sequel *hint hint*
Wednesday 18th July 2007 14:03Career Advice (Author Response)
I'm not sure I like the image of Snape in a dress... :-(

However, thanks for laughing!
Friday 7th July 2006 18:52
Career Advice
Oh. My. God. I ended up having to read this aloud to my little brother because he wanted to know why I was laughing so hard my face was turning blue. Hysterically funny! I loved Ginny's (what was that...every fanfic ever: summarized?) and Voldemort's (petting zoo??? ha!) the most...and...Professor Fudge? Hysterical!!!
Monday 17th July 2006 06:34Career Advice (Author Response)
I'm sure I missed a few with Ginny; one at least very deliberately. I had to play with the sequencing on that one quite a bit to make it fit together.
Wednesday 22nd February 2006 16:14
Career Advice
not bad... the best one was James Potters interview
Monday 17th July 2006 06:33Career Advice (Author Response)
Thank you; it is nice to find someone who realized that was James without needing to be told!
Wednesday 21st September 2005 21:35
Career Advice
These were really cute!!
Friday 23rd September 2005 07:13Career Advice (Author Response)
"Short 'n sweet" is one of my stronger points. :-)
XXXmister-E werepony unit
Friday 2nd September 2005 17:28
Career Advice
hehehe.still love the james one.

Saturday 10th September 2005 06:22Career Advice (Author Response)
I just wish everyone realized it was James, not Harry. :-}
Wednesday 15th June 2005 09:03
Career Advice

This was cute.  I rolled my eyes at a few of them, but most of them garnered some severe looks from my co-workers ... ah well ... such is my lot in life ... maybe I shouldn't read fanfiction at work *shrugs*


Friday 24th June 2005 05:06Career Advice (Author Response)

I think eye-rolling is well within the range I was going for.

Hey, my wife rolls her eyes at me all the time, so it must be a good thing, right? ;-)

Friday 4th February 2005 12:59
Career Advice

I was going to say that I believe Mad-Eye would be in either Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. He was afterall supposed to be a genius auror...before he went nuts. Which means he also would have been brave.  I'd say Ravenclaw just because a scene with Flitwick would be fun.

Snape would be tricky but something about holding a lifelong grudge against Harry Potter and all generations forthcoming and betraying the Dark Lord that sort of thing.. possibilities there.

Friday 4th February 2005 15:04Career Advice (Author Response)
Actually, I've long wondered if Moody might be a Hufflepuff. He seems to me more steady than daring, but I may be able to leave his house up in the air - I'm not going to sort CA2 by house, I don't think.
Thursday 3rd February 2005 15:37
Career Advice
I think that some of the adult characters would be good. Snape or Mad-Eye could be amusing.  Draco Malfoy.... I hope Ron works out. It would be funny if there was something in his about never realizing he likes Hermione until it's too late..or is it. And also, living in Harry's shadow since those themes are ever so popular.  I'm sure whatever you do, it will be great! Good luck!!
Friday 4th February 2005 06:28Career Advice (Author Response)

Hmm. Might actually be able to do something with some of that...

I'm not sure I want to touch Snape, but Mad-Eye... wonder what house he was in...

Wednesday 2nd February 2005 17:58
Career Advice
This was a highly amusing piece of randomness that I greatly enjoyed.  It's nice to make fun of something we are all so obsessed with once and a while.  Please make another edition!!
Thursday 3rd February 2005 07:05Career Advice (Author Response)
I'm working on it - one of my two WIP's actually. Any ideas for characters/plotlines?
Saturday 29th January 2005 12:21
Career Advice

cool!!! how come you did't do ron though?

Wednesday 2nd February 2005 12:32Career Advice (Author Response)
I'm trying to get Ron to cooperate for Career Advice 2, but so far it isn't happening. Any ideas?
the toaster
Thursday 20th January 2005 22:39
Career Advice
I loved the bit with Remus, that was just hilarious. Infact... there was nothing wrong with this at all, it all made me laugh my head off.
Friday 21st January 2005 11:33Career Advice (Author Response)
I'm glad you liked it; Remus' interview just sort of dropped out of a book I once read (the idea, that is).
Tuesday 16th November 2004 22:36
Career Advice
Blaise was by far one of my favorites, along with Hermione!  I loved that interaction!  How about Luna?

Wednesday 17th November 2004 06:58Career Advice (Author Response)
Luna's going to be a tough one. Since she's already close to being comic relief, its going to take a lot of care not to go over the top.
Wild Magelet
Wednesday 29th September 2004 06:18
Career Advice
Lol, this is so good! Loved Ginny's interview - I challenge anyone who's read more than five H/G fics not to smile at that! And Blaise Zabini used to cause me a bit of confusion when "he" would turn up in one fic and then "she" in the next one. Anyway, nice light relief from doing (procrastinating) essays!
Wednesday 29th September 2004 06:18Career Advice (Author Response)

Yes, so many fanfic writers cried out in horror when Jo announced Blaise's gender. Luckily I already had him down as a guy in my chaptererd fics, so I don't have to change anything.

Glad you liked Ginny's - one of my favorites. Thanks for reviewing!

Saturday 10th July 2004 18:13
Career Advice
That was quite amusing.

I loved how you parodied the HP fanfiction cliches in this fic. Especially the H/G/D love triangles. Of course, those are rather fun to write...

"Especially when I can bribe the examining board."
Pure Sirius. 'Nuff said. I loved that one too.

Saturday 10th July 2004 18:13Career Advice (Author Response)
I attempted to write a Draco interview that had a lot of poking fun at D/G in it, but it didn't come out well at all. Maybe for Career Advice 2...