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Reviews For Remembrance Day by Arnel

Friday 5th October 2007 17:14
Remembrance Day
I really liked this story, Remembrance is good for harry and by giving it a place it woun't hang like dead weight on his nek.
Friday 5th October 2007 22:23Remembrance Day (Author Response)
I think Harry knew in his heart that he needed to get rid of some of the pent-up emotions he was carrying. I'm sure he will come back every year; he's the kind of person who needs to stay connected and the Godric's Hollow churchyard is the place for him. Thanks for your review.
Thursday 24th November 2005 14:14
Remembrance Day
poor Harry...
Friday 25th November 2005 00:56Remembrance Day (Author Response)
Yes, but this is something he felt he had to do.  Maybe in time he will feel better.
Thursday 24th November 2005 13:55
Remembrance Day
Thank you for tying those together.  This was deeply felt and well written.
Friday 25th November 2005 00:58Remembrance Day (Author Response)
A story on this theme seemed quite appropriate for this month and I'm glad you liked what I wrote enough to comment on it.  Thank you for  your kind words.
Monday 14th November 2005 09:21
Remembrance Day
What a lovely tribute. I enjoyed reading this immensely.
Tuesday 15th November 2005 00:37Remembrance Day (Author Response)
I'm really glad you liked the story and appreciate your kind words. Thank you.
Sunday 13th November 2005 08:59
Remembrance Day
Very nice. I can imagine Harry really doing something like this in the final book. Beautifully written.
Monday 14th November 2005 01:30Remembrance Day (Author Response)
The idea for this story came from the last chapter of HBP when Harry expresses the desire to start his journey at Godric's Hollow.  It seemed to me that going there would include a visit to the cemetery, a place where he could possibly connect with the parents he lost so long ago so tragically.  Thank you for your kind words.
Saturday 12th November 2005 20:26
Remembrance Day
Arnel, this was simply a wonderful, perfect story!!  Whether real or "imaginary", all who founght in service to their country deserve to be honored and remembered, regardless of how much politics are agreed/disagreed upon.  Thank you for this. 
Saturday 12th November 2005 21:25Remembrance Day (Author Response)
You're very welcome.  I was raised to appreciate those who died for their country by my father who taught American History and Civics.  He gave me my love for ferreting out the secrets of ancient graveyards and forts and a reverence for places like Arlington Cemetary with its Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  Veterans' Day/Remembrance Day seemed a fitting day of observance for my story in that I wanted to honor those people who have made the ultimate sacrifice in both the real world and the HP universe.  Thank you for your review.
Saturday 12th November 2005 09:27
Remembrance Day
Beautiful moment of remembrance. And fitting, considering the time of year, so that we all take a moment to do the same thing as Harry in the "real world." Thank you.
Saturday 12th November 2005 21:31Remembrance Day (Author Response)
You're very welcome.  I saw the evidence yesterday when I passed a cemetery near my home and saw all the veterans' graves had been decorated with a flag and that there were indeed families placing flowers at their ancestors' headstones that there are people who feel as strongly as I do about remembering those who died for their country.  We owe them a big thank you, just as we do to the living veterans and the soldiers stationed around the world.  I'm glad my story touched you.
Zahri Seb Melitor
Saturday 12th November 2005 04:46
Remembrance Day

This is just a beautiful tribute to Remembrance Day, and it's so very something that Harry would do. I'm glad that he, someone who has known so much loss, is able to remember those who are lost.

Harry putting up a headstone for Sirius made me cry.
Saturday 12th November 2005 21:41Remembrance Day (Author Response)

Thank you for your review.  When I read of Harry's wish to go to Godric's Hollow to find where it all began for him, I knew he would want to do something like this to honor those who died for him and the Wizarding world.  Everyone needs closure and this seemed to be the right moment for Harry to come to terms with many of the events in his life. Therefore, a final resting place for Sirius seemed appropriate as well especially when he left everything to Harry who, I suspect, still doesn't know the extent of how loved he was by his godfather. 

I appreciate your kind words.

Friday 11th November 2005 20:36
Remembrance Day
Some things must be done alone, and it was right that Harry had a chance to do this alone. Beautifully expressed. Thank you.
Friday 11th November 2005 23:14Remembrance Day (Author Response)

I'm glad you liked my story.  When I read the last chapter of HBP I knew that Harry felt he needed closure for his pre-Dursley life.  A journey of this sort seemed highly appropriate and a good way for him connect with his past in a positive manner.

Thank you for your kind words.

Friday 11th November 2005 19:24
Remembrance Day

Very well done, a rather touching blending of the magical and the Muggle. I enjoyed reading it!

Friday 11th November 2005 23:07Remembrance Day (Author Response)
When I learned how November 11 is observed in Britain while researching holidays between Halloween and Christmas, the connection between the HP universe and the real world was easily made.  I had fun coming up with the Muggle conversations, especially the one between Billy and his mother about the "haunted" hill.  Thanks for the review.  I'm glad you liked the story.
Antonia East
Friday 11th November 2005 14:00
Remembrance Day
Very appropriate.  Nice to read this today.
Friday 11th November 2005 23:01Remembrance Day (Author Response)
I'm glad you think so.  I learned about the British equivalent to the American Veterans' Day while researching for one of my authors' stories.  Thank you for your review.