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Reviews For The Invisible Son by RaeWhit

Thursday 2nd February 2017 20:24
The Invisible Son
That was an amazing story! It made me cry and appreciate Percy. I loved the relationship you wrote for him and Bill. It does make sense, they are quite a bit alike. I found it sad that Bill always had time for him as a scared firstie, but he didn't have that time for Ginny. Arthur's slow realization of how he let Percy down over the years was well done. I think so often as parents we think our children understand how we think when obviously they don't always. Anyhow great, great story!
Wednesday 4th March 2009 12:20
The Invisible Son
Read this while looking for another author and just chose it because it seemed interesting,
What a great little story Well done.
Monday 4th June 2007 08:46
The Invisible Son
I liked your latest story so much that I decided to read this one! And I'm really glad I did. This is the best, most succinct look into Percy's psyche I've ever read. I feel as if I really understand his motives for why he acted the way he did and why we didn't hear much of him in canon in HBP. I sincerely hope that the healing that's begun in the last paragraphs of this story comes to pass in DH. The Weasley family needs all its members united as one; to paraphrase Dumbledore they will only be as strong as their weakest member. I realize it will take a long time for all to be forgiven, but I have hope, having read this story, that they will eventually put the past behind them. Thank you for writing this story.

Thursday 7th June 2007 00:12The Invisible Son (Author Response)
Thanks for such a thoughtful review. I wasn't too sure about Percy until I started to research for this story, and considered the classic family dynamics. It's one possible explanation; I have to believe that in the end his good upbringing will come home to roost. I'm really curious what whill happen in DH, whether JKR will wrap things up for him at all, or just leave him hanging. We'll see soon, won't we. Again, thanks for reading, and for taking the time to let me know that you did.
Monday 7th May 2007 09:50
The Invisible Son
wow i feel so much sympathy/empathy(?) towards percy. you totally captured his emotions in the diary, and arthurs when he was reading it. as the third child of 4, i sympathise with percy for being the "middle child". however he tried to escape being the middle child by throwing himself into his work, and i just escape from it by reading hpff but its good how arthur dealt with it and told percy that
I see you, even though you've doubted that I ever have. Not Bill or Charlie, or what Percy can do . Just Percy.
loved that line totally summed up how percy felt
Friday 11th May 2007 11:09The Invisible Son (Author Response)
This may not actually be Percy's problem, but I'd be surprised if it weren't at least a part of what drives him. And I think most kids, at some point in their lives, become confused about why their parents love them.

So pleased you liked the story, and thanks so much for letting me know!
Sunday 15th April 2007 06:43
The Invisible Son
Aw. That made me cry.

What a wonderful story.
Tuesday 17th April 2007 22:49The Invisible Son (Author Response)
Ah, crying is a good thing. I'm so pleased you liked the story and thanks for letting me know.
Saturday 9th December 2006 17:37
The Invisible Son
bravo! bravo! that wsa one of the best little windows into a character i've read on here. really. i mean it
Saturday 9th December 2006 20:18The Invisible Son (Author Response)
Thanks for letting me know. It took a bit to convince myself that Percy had a story, but in the end, I think he did and does.
Friday 24th February 2006 12:56
The Invisible Son
The first time anyone has ever tried to "Explain"Percy,and it was so riveting and sad.I am all teary eyed,you did such a good job of writing this.I have a son who was the one in the middle,and always felt the same way Percy did.I feel that your characterization of him may well help many others in a like situation.There are many "Percies" in the world.
Sunday 26th February 2006 02:52The Invisible Son (Author Response)
I think each birth-order position has its own unique pitfall--the oldest is saddled with unrealistic expectations, and the youngest is overindulged. The middle child, as I've tried to illustrate with Percy, has his own woes, and if the child is overly sensitve and intelligent as Percy was, can suffer catastropic damage. Writing this fic has certainly made me more sympathetic as far as Percy is concerned. I'd be gratified if it made others think of this. I'm pleased that the fic touched you, and thanks so much for your thoughtful comment.
Wednesday 22nd February 2006 20:57
The Invisible Son
That’s a stunning piece of writing! Thank you so much for the detail and the effort you went to in putting down this picture of Percy for us. Though it was effortless to read I’m sure you put much effort into it – it shows. All your characters feel very true to canon. My heart breaks especially for Arthur in this story. Your opening paragraphs about him dealing with the current events were great and then his having to cope with Percy’s situation was – can’t think of another word for it – heartbreaking. How terrible to find out those things about yourself and your child, but how wonderful to have a chance to put them right. He comes through as someone with a very strong character. Superb story, well done!
Wednesday 22nd February 2006 22:10The Invisible Son (Author Response)
I've always thought that Arthur and Molly must've been good parents, considering their children, even Percy. There was a great deal of time-consuming research done to prepare just the timeline of the fic, as well as examining Percy's behavior and experiences which I think support the "middle child" syndrome. And, too, I think it must be heartbreaking for any parent to come to the sort of realization that Arthur does, that despite good intentions, a child has perhaps suffered from some little bit of flawed parenting. It was a tragedy, but one that ended well--this may or may not prove true in canon, but one can only hope. In the end, strong families weather it through, and I hope the Weasleys will. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments--it's gratifying for me that you enjoyed the fic.
Wednesday 22nd February 2006 05:42
The Invisible Son
What a fantastic story! You put so much thought and care into it; you certainly deserved first prize.

Besides Percy, the person who really intrigued me in this was Bill. He must be an incredible big brother to have inspired such hero worship from both Percy and Ginny, yet you made him flawed enough to stay human. I would love to see you write a Bill story.
Wednesday 22nd February 2006 22:02The Invisible Son (Author Response)
Really, with all the research I did, I think there's enough canon material to write fic on every Weasley, with the exception of Charile, on whom there is not as much to draw from. I was surprised, in fact, to find how often Percy appeared in or was referred to in canon. I had hundreds of references over the six books from which to draw my characterization and story. Bill presents an interesting challenge, to be sure, especially with Fleur and his injury. I'm pleased you enjoyed the fic, and appreciate you taking the time to comment.
Tuesday 21st February 2006 10:44
The Invisible Son
Wow, what a story! You have given incredible depth to Percy, and explained so much of what JKR will never tell us about this part of her story. The emotions that you've sparked using such an intimate platform is amazing. Outstanding job, I can't wait to read something else from you.
Wednesday 22nd February 2006 03:27The Invisible Son (Author Response)
JKR made it easy, really, by not fully explaining Percy's inner workings, so it gave me an open playing field, so to speak, but one that I think makes "perfect" sense. I originally toyed with telling the story from Percy's POV, but knew early on that it would prove too myopic, and the diary format gave me the chance to show both Percy and Arthur's POV. I'm very pleased that you enjoyed the fic, and thanks for taking the time to let me know. Since I invested so much time researching the Weasley family for this fic, I am tempted to write something more about them in the future.
Monday 20th February 2006 09:06
The Invisible Son
"I may just quit my job."

:thumbsupude! You hit the nail on its head! That was awesome! You have completely captured Percy's character and managed to tell the entire tale from his perspective. This was fantastic. You've managed to at once humanize Percy, but also him in his own words.

"Seems that Harry Potter saved himself another Weasley. That's the third one, come to think of it…Ginny, Dad, and now Ron.

Maybe I was wrong about him."

What a vain, prideful prat! "Maybe I was wrong about him..." Like Percy is God or something.

This work is both breathtakingly beautiful (from a certain perspective) and frighteningly scary at the same time. I'm just glad the Percy in this story came to his senses. Let's hope the one in the JKR's series can do so as well. Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!

Oh, I almost forgot. I kind of like the way that Percy never did quit his job, now did he?
Monday 20th February 2006 16:11The Invisible Son (Author Response)
Thanks for your review and thoughtful comments. Yes, Percy was certainly prideful, and vain about the only assest that he thought himself to possess--his intelligence. But I hoped to illustrate why he would take refuge in these. He did quit his job, though, in the end, just not officially--he intended to be out "permanently". I'm pleased you liked the fic, and that what I did with Percy rang true for you. I really do hope that JKR addresses him more fully in Book 7.
Sunday 19th February 2006 13:09
The Invisible Son

I swear I just had a flashback when I was reading this moving story.
See, I had similar...issues like Percy,emotional-wise (and, maybe personal as well) at his age(s). It's part of being human, living life. Of course, it can be too much when one sees no hope for the future, or deeds done in the past. The Judges knew what they were doing and seeing here: A work of art.
Thank so much.

Ps. A follow up? A Weasley reunion, perhaps?
Sunday 19th February 2006 17:54The Invisible Son (Author Response)
I think the Weasley family dynamics are rather universal, so I'm not surprised that you could identify with him. I'm pleased the fic struck a chord with you. I did so much "Weasley" research for this fic that I'm tempted to put it to use in another one--just thinking about it at present. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment--it's appreciated.
Saturday 18th February 2006 22:09
The Invisible Son
That was a real tear jerker. I can certainly see why it won first prize.

, with this last meeting with his brother, had been realized. He'd become invisible again.
-His whole fear of being invisible and forgotten was so very well done. Your having it all come full circle with his most favorite brother's rejection was just perfect.

There aren't that many Percy fics out there, and most I tried I couldn't finish. Yours is a welcome exception.

Nothing else of yours is posted here. Is there anything else at other sites?
Sunday 19th February 2006 00:09The Invisible Son (Author Response)
Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I probably wouldn't have ever written this except for the Redemption challenge, and wanting to try my hand at writing something I'd never done before. I was pleased with how it turned out, and I certainly see Percy a little differently now. My other HP fanfiction is adult content, and can be found under my same author name on HP Fandom,, and Sycophant Hex (archived for the most part in the Eros and Sappho archive,).
Saturday 18th February 2006 20:24
The Invisible Son
An excellent story. A beautiful portrayal of the hardships involved in being a middle child of such a large family. I really enjoyed your depiction of Percy's adulation of Bill and his reliance on him for advice. It fits well that Bill's rejection would be the catalyst for his downward spiral. Thank you for writing such a very well written story and i look forward to read more of your work.

Sunday 19th February 2006 00:02The Invisible Son (Author Response)
Hey Malika--when I first started to try and figure out what made Percy tick, the "middle child syndrome" seemed almost too obvious, but Akams razor holds true here, I think, that the simplest and most obvious solutions are usually the right ones. And I knew I'd have to discover Percy's Achilles heel, and after studying him through the books, and his place in the family, I knew it would be Bill. I'm pleased that you agree. Thanks so much for commenting.
Saturday 18th February 2006 18:45
The Invisible Son
Wow, thank you for such and indepth character study on Percy. It was all in character and extremely plausible in accordance with canon. Your writing style is easy and powerful at the same time. I think that it was a wonderful approach to have Arthur reading the diary. I don't think that any other character would have done this justice. I literally had tears in my eyes as I finished up this fic. I was just dying to keep reading and see the rest of Percy's story. Again, thank you for taking on a character that many readers seem to write off and see as "invisible."
Saturday 18th February 2006 19:20The Invisible Son (Author Response)
I appreciate your thoughtful comments. This fic was written in response to a Percy Redemption challenge, and I found myself truly out of my element in the beginning, as I wasn't too fond of canon Percy (who is?). But as I researched and thought and planned (I also have a great beta-reader who had thought a great deal about Percy as well), I realized that there had to be more to him than what readers are tempted to deduce about him. I've become convinced that, at least in part, what I've put forth in the fic is a large part of the dynamic of his behavior. We'll see in Book 7, I hope. I'm pleased that the fic touched you--many reviewers are telling me they cried, and that's a gratifying response. Thanks again for taking time to let me know your thoughts.
Comet Moon
Saturday 18th February 2006 16:32
The Invisible Son
Wow. This was a moving story.

I loved it.

Wouldn't mind a sequel either.

Hope you keep on writing.


Saturday 18th February 2006 19:13The Invisible Son (Author Response)
Thanks, I'm pleased that you liked the fic. I was a little out of my element, writing about Percy, so I'm not sure I'd do a sequel. But I am intrigued to see what will happen to him in Book 7, aren't you? Thanks for your comments.