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Reviews For Turn, Turn, Turn by parakletos

Monday 13th April 2009 14:59
Turn, Turn, Turn

Wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.
Friday 28th March 2008 19:35
Turn, Turn, Turn
haha this was an awesome story!!!
Harry and ginny sure were busy
Thursday 25th October 2007 11:32
Turn, Turn, Turn
aww ww!!! that\'s so sweet! lol. love how the food vanished
the ending was cute!!!
loved it!!!!
Monday 22nd October 2007 14:21
Turn, Turn, Turn
Wow. I wasn't expecting Harry and Ginny to have gotten the day wrong about when people were coming over. Fun story.
Saturday 20th October 2007 18:27
Turn, Turn, Turn
ha, funny. You should do more like these.
Wednesday 29th August 2007 07:14
Turn, Turn, Turn

that was delicious!

I can almost remember those days
Sunday 3rd June 2007 10:57
Turn, Turn, Turn
I think the Molly had the right idea, newlyweds. just loved it.
Wednesday 3rd January 2007 06:54
Turn, Turn, Turn
Oh, this is just too good! Illegal use of a time-turner, disappearing food and on top of that it's the wrong day. Loved you Molly, too.

Thursday 4th January 2007 09:55Turn, Turn, Turn (Author Response)
Always nice to see that a story has ben so well enjoyed.
Saturday 30th December 2006 19:54
Turn, Turn, Turn
Hahaha! This was amazing! I love the interaction between them, and the time-turner circumstances. Molly's parts, though small, were really funny. Great beginning and ending, too. Pretty much entertaining all-over! Great job!
Sunday 31st December 2006 03:18Turn, Turn, Turn (Author Response)
Its a good bit of fun. Glad you liked it.
Wednesday 18th October 2006 15:56
Turn, Turn, Turn
This was really cute. Is it posted elsewhere? I vaguely remember reading this before, in a slightly different form.
Wednesday 18th October 2006 16:03Turn, Turn, Turn (Author Response)
It was posted on my Lj last Christmas.

I'm glad to see you enjoyed it.
Friday 31st March 2006 10:15
Turn, Turn, Turn
Hah, I love this! This scene was so totally believable for a young couple, I loved the interaction. It reminded me of a time when my girlfriend and I were expecting guests over for a big playoff game. We were in Alaska at the time and games come on the telly at 9 AM. It was the middle of January and we woke up around 6 wondering why it was freezing in the flat. (frozen HW pipe that was used for heat) It was a scramble and we were freaking out at each other but it all worked out by the time our friends showed up.

The revelations H&G have while listening to their other selves was a great laugh. All in all, another great little fic.

~Keep up the great work.
Friday 31st March 2006 14:21Turn, Turn, Turn (Author Response)
All in all, another great little fic.

All in all another great review

Thanks again mate.
Saturday 25th March 2006 21:51
Turn, Turn, Turn
Oh God, tat's hilarious! You need to write a sequel!
Sunday 26th March 2006 01:18Turn, Turn, Turn (Author Response)
You need to write a sequel!

Or given the time travel is that a prequel ?
Friday 24th March 2006 21:31
Turn, Turn, Turn
Fun story, most enjoyable - excellent writing, humourous topic and the time travel added an intriguing twist to lift this up and make it something more than just a newlywed romp. Thanks for the story!
Saturday 25th March 2006 03:58Turn, Turn, Turn (Author Response)
I'm pleased you enjoyed it and thanks for the review.
Tuesday 21st March 2006 23:14
Turn, Turn, Turn
lol...that was confusing...but funny.

i liked it.
Wednesday 22nd March 2006 00:38Turn, Turn, Turn (Author Response)
I've vowed never to write anything with time travel ever again

Thanks for the review
Tuesday 21st March 2006 11:27
Turn, Turn, Turn
Loved it. I really did.
Really, newlyweds...
Tuesday 21st March 2006 11:58Turn, Turn, Turn (Author Response)
Really, reviewers ...
Monday 20th March 2006 15:38
Turn, Turn, Turn
Terrific story!

Oh to be a newlywed again. Excuse me, I need to go remind my husband that I love him....
Tuesday 21st March 2006 04:49Turn, Turn, Turn (Author Response)
Lucky man !

Thanks for stopping by.
Monday 20th March 2006 10:28
Turn, Turn, Turn
LOL . It could only happen to Harry.
Monday 20th March 2006 11:12Turn, Turn, Turn (Author Response)
Well it happened to Gijny too
Wolf's Scream
Sunday 19th March 2006 17:01
Turn, Turn, Turn
LOL! Very well done, too. :-)
Monday 20th March 2006 11:11Turn, Turn, Turn (Author Response)
Sunday 19th March 2006 11:04
Turn, Turn, Turn
that was funny had a good laugh
Sunday 19th March 2006 11:52Turn, Turn, Turn (Author Response)
Sunday 19th March 2006 08:00
Turn, Turn, Turn
Oh, to be a newly-wed again! After ten years of marriage the "rge to explore"as it were has definitely worn off and what should have happened in this story, i.e. the perfect dinner, has taken pride of place! Either way, even if Harry and Ginny hadn't used the time turner, he would have been in trouble anyway; forgetting that their dinner was on Boxing Day is still a major faux pas! This was really cute and I enjoyed the trip down memory lane. Thanks for posting your story.
Sunday 19th March 2006 11:52Turn, Turn, Turn (Author Response)
This was really cute and I enjoyed the trip down memory lane. Thanks for posting your story.

You have to think back 10 years , I have to clear the dust from 22.

Thanks for the review.
Sunday 19th March 2006 05:54
Turn, Turn, Turn
::reduced to undignified sniggers and unable to give a meaningful review::
Sunday 19th March 2006 11:48Turn, Turn, Turn (Author Response)
Saturday 18th March 2006 18:17
Turn, Turn, Turn
Well I already know what story I'll vote for when they ask me what is the best H/G humor fic. Wonderful, really!
Sunday 19th March 2006 11:47Turn, Turn, Turn (Author Response)
Well I've never been nominated for anything so I'm not sure you'll get the chance , but I its nice to be appreciated.
Saturday 18th March 2006 16:09
Turn, Turn, Turn
Very nicely done, indeed. I remember those newlywed days - I love that it's Harry and Ginny sharing such good times, they more than deserve them!
Sunday 19th March 2006 11:45Turn, Turn, Turn (Author Response)
I love that it's Harry and Ginny sharing such good times, they more than deserve them!

They surely do. Thanks for stopping by.
Saturday 18th March 2006 16:08
Turn, Turn, Turn
This is the most hilarious LOL fic I've read in months! Your dialogue is terrific!

"Well, sor-ree. I just thought that Mr. I'm The Most Powerful Wizard Alive might know a thing or two about about charms."

"What do we do?"

"I don't know. You're the one who knew enough to beat Voldemort, think of something."

"I didn't do any thinking, that was Hermione. I just did the action stuff."'

Fabulous! Can't wait to see more of your work and your humor!
Sunday 19th March 2006 11:44Turn, Turn, Turn (Author Response)
Fabulous! Can't wait to see more of your work and your humor!

Well have a look around the site, there's plenty more. Thanks for reviewing.
Saturday 18th March 2006 11:26
Turn, Turn, Turn

Fantastic Job!!
All circumstances fall nicely into place!
Way to Go on the Creativity!
Saturday 18th March 2006 15:17Turn, Turn, Turn (Author Response)
Thank you!
Saturday 18th March 2006 11:25
Turn, Turn, Turn
*snort* Absolutely hilarious! I looved this!!:thumbsup"
Saturday 18th March 2006 15:16Turn, Turn, Turn (Author Response)
I don't think I've ever had a five review. Thank you.
Saturday 18th March 2006 09:56
Turn, Turn, Turn
gad,but he,s a randy one isn,t he.good fic.cute!
Saturday 18th March 2006 15:15Turn, Turn, Turn (Author Response)
I think she's as bad(?)
Saturday 18th March 2006 09:00
Turn, Turn, Turn
Simply delightful!!
Saturday 18th March 2006 15:14Turn, Turn, Turn (Author Response)
Saturday 18th March 2006 08:43
Turn, Turn, Turn

Ah, young love.

Oy, temporal mechanics! XD

Thanks for sharing this!
Saturday 18th March 2006 15:13Turn, Turn, Turn (Author Response)
Oy, temporal mechanics! XD

A nightmare to write. I'd say never again but ....

Thanks for sharing this!

Thanks for reviewing!
Saturday 18th March 2006 02:49
Turn, Turn, Turn
as a former newlywed, i give two thumbs up to this one. if i could manage 6 extra luvvy hours in bed and still get the holiday dinner on the table, i'd be an unspeakable myself- the rotten hours! very nice work as always, looking forward to your next work! cheers!
Saturday 18th March 2006 15:11Turn, Turn, Turn (Author Response)
as a former newlywed,

Me too but it was 22 years ago

It was fun to write so I'm glad you enjoyed it,
Saturday 18th March 2006 00:01
Turn, Turn, Turn
Cute and funny, though, unless Ginny is suddenly self conscious of how ‘vocally appreciative’ she is, I think Molly has more clues what happened to her missing guests than just a trail of discarded clothing.
Saturday 18th March 2006 02:16Turn, Turn, Turn (Author Response)
Or perhaps they were taking a rest ?

Thanks for the review.