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Reviews For The Eternal Rival by Greta_Prewett

Saturday 26th August 2006 17:51
The Eternal Rival
I'm in love with how you describe things. The color and gentle descriptions of the landscape help to really take me in the story and not let go until the words stop.

The emotions in the words are carried through beautifully.

On a personal note: Thank you. I've had to argue in certain parts of fandom that Percy isn't redemption story everyone seems to enjoy. While I can understand a certain need to have all the Weasley's good people, I haven't seen where canon supports it. Canon shows a greedy child looking to make a name for himself, not his family. I easily see Percy choosing this route with the Dark Lord in his ear as you show here.

Love it, and can't wait for the next chapters to be posted so I can review them as well.
Saturday 26th August 2006 16:17
The Eternal Rival
Oh boy!

This sent shivers down my spine. Seriously. I think Percy could be a power hungry lap dog. He's already turned on his family for his position at the Ministry.

Excellent prolouge Jo. Loved it.
Saturday 26th August 2006 13:29
The Eternal Rival
i suppose in fanfic, you can do what you want, i only feel that anything that hints towards something like this, is very out of character (to say the least).
I'll keep reading though, curious how this will develop
Wild Magelet
Friday 25th August 2006 16:55
The Eternal Rival
Your writing is great - suspenseful and genuinely creepy without being over the top. Poor Penelope. I'll watch for future updates with interest.
Friday 25th August 2006 08:15
The Eternal Rival
Ugly. But I'll read on.
Friday 25th August 2006 15:57The Eternal Rival (Author Response)
Well, I hope you were reffering to the event and not the writing....I really, really hope that was Anyay, yes do read on....Percy's betrayal is not the main element in this, but a sub plot. It does set up the mood I wish for the story to have, however. Again...hope the betrayal was ugly...LOL
Friday 25th August 2006 00:05
The Eternal Rival first i was like..alright I guess I didnt see that coming, but the end had a nice second reveal surprise twist...if that makes sense...
Friday 25th August 2006 15:54The Eternal Rival (Author Response)
Yes, I know it's a bit confusing at first, and maybe a little too depressing but it gets better later. This was just to set the mood.