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Reviews For The Squib by girlyswot

Friday 19th October 2007 19:04
The Squib
Great beginning, really draws you in. Picked it up and couldn't wait for more! So glad I found it again.

Sorry I don't have great insightful writing reviews, I get too caught up in the story to notice any literary mistakes. If it reads great without distracting me... then I think it's perfect!

Saturday 20th October 2007 07:20The Squib (Author Response)
I agree - if you don't get distracted by the writing, then it's doing its job. Thanks so much for all your reviews - it's such an encouragement.
Friday 28th September 2007 17:17
The Squib
I started this one a long time ago, and was real pleased to see you posting on it again so I'll hold off till the end for the review. Thanks so much for finishing It!!.
Saturday 29th September 2007 00:34The Squib (Author Response)
Wow - thanks for sticking with it. I hope you like the end...
Wednesday 13th June 2007 03:19
The Squib
I started reading this! I love Ben and Zoe and I'm looking forward to finding out how things go with them. I really enjoyed the interaction between Fred and George as well. One nitpick - to me, Fred will never be 'tall' I'm afraid, so that threw me a little. But apart from that, a really enjoyable chapter.
Sunday 17th June 2007 03:50The Squib (Author Response)
*waves at Dogstar*

Thanks for taking the time to come and read and to let me know what you're enjoying.

I expect you're right about Fred - sorry.
Thursday 1st February 2007 22:34
The Squib
Very impressive. I have a strong sense of the characters' internal lives and their interrelationships, and I care about them already. I care especially about Ben and Zoe, as you intended me to, but I'm worried about Bert too. Your narrative is economical and always adds to the feeling you're trying to create. I'm getting a bit dizzy from all the sequential POVs, and the fact that you borrowed the pairings and the offspring from Roger & Lisa is playing weird games with my head. But I'm amazed that you were able to establish this so well in so few words. Splendid.

I can't promise to review every single chapter, but I will read all of them.

Friday 2nd February 2007 05:52The Squib (Author Response)
Thanks for such a thoughtful review, Ken. I'm so glad you like my characters. I'm hopeless at trying to stick with one POV - I'm in utter awe of writers who can do it for whole books when I struggle even for a paragraph!

Thanks so much for reading.
Sunday 3rd December 2006 12:14
The Squib
You have a very likable character in Ben . . . though I'm a little leery of Zoe -- she seems a bit opportunistic.
Sunday 3rd December 2006 12:51The Squib (Author Response)
Glad you like Ben - I have a soft spot for him too. As for Zoe, you'll have to wait and see how she turns out...
Friday 6th October 2006 14:19
The Squib
You wright the best summerys of eney auther I've read in the fanfiction world,I would never have started this story with out it .I'm very glad I did Thank's.
Friday 6th October 2006 18:02The Squib (Author Response)
Thanks - I tried to make the summary as intriguing as I could. I'm glad you like the story.
Sunday 24th September 2006 20:29
The Squib
Bert's kind of rude. But all's good.
Saturday 23rd September 2006 09:42
The Squib
George and Padma--not a ship I'd considered before now, but I like it. I like the story so far very much. It sounds intriguing; can't wait for more.
Saturday 23rd September 2006 11:03The Squib (Author Response)
You're sweet to review it. Thanks for all your help in getting it to this stage. Plenty more to come, I promise.