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Reviews For The 312th Edition by Rhetor

Wednesday 10th March 2010 10:25
The 312th Edition
A very fun read!!
Thursday 11th March 2010 12:05The 312th Edition (Author Response)
I'm glad!

Friday 1st August 2008 10:53
The 312th Edition
i loved the way you kept the story academic and Binns-like but still got away with a few laughs... And Hermione.. who wouldn't expect her to be great in this field she loved so much? The quote about Harry and the "I have a well-ordered mind" are just so her... 312 editions of "Hogwarts, a history" - one is most definitely written by her!!

A great story! Thanks!
Monday 13th August 2007 17:03
The 312th Edition
...death is but the next great adventure.

Great story, thanks for writing.
Monday 13th August 2007 21:42The 312th Edition (Author Response)
...It sure is.

Thanks for you kind words.
Tuesday 17th July 2007 12:16
The 312th Edition
Ohh how lovelly, always wanted to read some of the hogwarts books and this is of course "the book" to read. Thanks for writing it I really enjoyed it.
Wednesday 18th July 2007 17:47The 312th Edition (Author Response)
Thanks! I hope the real Hogwarts: A History isn't quite as dull as most of this one!
Thursday 14th June 2007 22:30
The 312th Edition
Holy cow! If only REAL history books could be so interesting!

This is written so well, with so much detail, and yet it's not dry at all, despite the fact that it is peppered with dates and abbreviations which took a few paragraphs to figure out.
Friday 15th June 2007 19:46The 312th Edition (Author Response)
I'm glad you liked it. But -- "interesting?" I was trying to make it dull!
Monday 28th May 2007 11:20
The 312th Edition
Is it true or only a rumour that JKR *is* now planning to write Hogwarts: A History? This was a fascinating read, wonderfully rich and detailed despite the dry-as-dust style. The jokes are very good, especially the Astronomy one, and your explanation of the DADA curse is brilliant. However, the overwhelming tone is one of sadness at what is missing. Harry, Ginny and Hermione's presence came through very strongly. I love the idea of the Donec Mors charm, if only one were available for Muggles! Although, of course, it would be nice to have 123 years of togetherness beforehand.
Wednesday 13th June 2007 19:40The 312th Edition (Author Response)
And thanks again. (...and I'm not sure why it took me two weeks to reply; sorry about that...)
Monday 28th May 2007 11:18
The 312th Edition
Is it true or only a rumour that JKR *is* now planning to write Hogwarts: A History? This was a fascinating read, wonderfully rich and detailed despite the dry-as-dust style. The jokes are very good, especially the Astronomy one, as your explanation of the DADA curse is brilliance. However, the overwhelming tone is one of sadness at what is missing. Harry, Ginny and Hermione's presence came through very strongly. I love the idea of the Donec Mors charm, if only one were available for Muggles! Although, of course, it would be nice to have 123 years of togetherness beforehand.
Wednesday 13th June 2007 19:39The 312th Edition (Author Response)
Thanks, Jo. I think the story about JKR writing Hogwarts: A History is a rumor, but it's based on something she said in an interview. I think she said she might write it as another one of those charity books, like Quidditch Through the Ages I'm glad you liked the little jokes and the new spells. The tone of sadness here is different, I think you'll agree, from the sadness of On the Headmaster's Wall. Thanks again.
Lorelei Lynn
Friday 27th April 2007 20:15
The 312th Edition
I very much enjoyed the academic style of both this story and "Excavation". The spin that later historians put on events can be unintentially amusing. Hermione's last words are perfect.

Good job all around.
Sunday 29th April 2007 09:40The 312th Edition (Author Response)
Many thanks. I just jumped over to your Oscar Wilde parody and enjoyed it too.
Wednesday 14th March 2007 12:31
The 312th Edition
JKR hasn't said what Bill's real first name is. Antosha thinks it's "Bilius;" I think "William" is the more likely possibility...

if it was Bilius why would Ron be ronald bilius weasley?
Thursday 15th March 2007 11:20The 312th Edition (Author Response)
Personally I agree with you, but Antosha is a very wise man and I'm sure he'd have a good reason if I asked him.
Wednesday 14th March 2007 12:29
The 312th Edition
lol hilarious story, you should write more like this. are house elves mentioned at any other point in the 312th edition of "Hogwarts: a history"? i hope so!
Thursday 15th March 2007 11:19The 312th Edition (Author Response)
Thanks! I'm glad you got all the jokes.
Mister obi
Sunday 25th February 2007 14:13
The 312th Edition
Well i don't usually putr reviews but your story was so good that i could help myself. I really enjoyed this story, it was funny and a little bit sad at the same time. you really have some great ideas like the "I have a well-ordered mind". I loved that

Monday 5th March 2007 08:05The 312th Edition (Author Response)
I'm sorry it took me so long to reply to your kind review. I'm grateful that you thought so well of my story. Thanks for reading, and thanks for the compliments.
Friday 26th January 2007 03:20
The 312th Edition
Oh this was very very good, being a history graduate I have read so many history books, yours was fabulous!
Friday 26th January 2007 18:58The 312th Edition (Author Response)
High praise indeed. It's probably more like a dry survey than any sort of real analytical or critical history, but I'll take a bow wherever I can! Thanks. ~Ken
Thursday 25th January 2007 21:25
The 312th Edition
'I have a well-ordered mind.'

I can so see her saying that. And so, by the way, do you have a well-ordered mind. I could never write a fic like this - it makes my head hurt even to read some of it. But I love how you've thought about magical theory and made it sound plausible. And I'm so glad that at least in this fic Harry and Ginny survive. 'The Boy who Loved...' - this is a fluffy fic after all!!!

Lovely. I think Linda should be made to read it ()
Thursday 25th January 2007 22:39The 312th Edition (Author Response)
Hi again! Yep -- this one has fluff buried at the end, and for a very particular reason. The story was written with the idea that Binns, the author, missed the point of most of the events he was recounting. So Hermione's quotation at the end is meant to be her protest against this voice, insisting that there was passion and devotion that the writer did not see. That was the idea that eventually made me write On the Headmaster's Wall. Thank you so much for your kind words.
Tuesday 23rd January 2007 22:04
The 312th Edition
Wow. how wonderfully text-book like yet heartfelt.I really enjoyed it!

Wednesday 24th January 2007 21:44The 312th Edition (Author Response)
Oh, thank you! "Textbook and "heartfelt" were precisely the combination I was hoping for . ~Ken
Tuesday 23rd January 2007 07:20
The 312th Edition
Very interesting.
Tuesday 23rd January 2007 11:50The 312th Edition (Author Response)
Felix Felicis
Saturday 20th January 2007 18:37
The 312th Edition
What a wonderful, unique story! I've never read anything like this and I found it fabulous. It's so real, I feel like I could go off and find the appendices and look up the names of all the students who died in the Third War. Very well written. I particularly liked the "scientific" theory. It's only natural that wizards would study these sorts of things.

It makes me wish J.K.R. would actually write Hogwarts, A History.

Great writing! It's hard to be creative and technical at the same time but you did a fantastic job!
Saturday 20th January 2007 20:13The 312th Edition (Author Response)
Oh, I'm really glad you found it realistic in that way! I badly wanted the impression of a real history book to dominate the text. I wish that JKR would write Hogwarts, A History too. Maybe it'll be another of her charity books?
Leanna V
Saturday 20th January 2007 17:08
The 312th Edition
Absolutely smashing! Who could sleep through Prof. Binns lessons's if they are as interesting as this. Welldone!
Saturday 20th January 2007 20:09The 312th Edition (Author Response)
Thank you very much; I'm glad you liked it. Maybe Binns is a better writer than a lecturer?
Saturday 20th January 2007 09:29
The 312th Edition
I reviewied this story on another site and felt the need to review it here. This was amazingly well done and it did in fact feel like I was reading it out of a History text book.
Saturday 20th January 2007 13:11The 312th Edition (Author Response)
Well then, welcome back! I'm glad I produced the desired illusion. ~Ken
Saturday 20th January 2007 04:41
The 312th Edition
That was good. I liked that. A very brilliant idea, well thought out, and top of the class.
Well done, I salute you.
Saturday 20th January 2007 08:14The 312th Edition (Author Response)
I'm so glad you liked it. It was fun to write (although I had to be a bit compulsive and nitpicky to get it right...) Thanks. ~Ken
Saturday 20th January 2007 03:19
The 312th Edition
For me, as a historian, this was fun.
Saturday 20th January 2007 08:03The 312th Edition (Author Response)
Thanks! That's high praise indeed. I have several historian friends and I didn't want to offend them.

You might be interested in the original Summary I wrote (which isn't there at the moment; not sure why): "History, sadly, isn't really written by the winners; it's written by the historians. Someday we will all be (at best) footnotes in somebody's history book. How much of our passion and devotion will filter through to the distant reader of that book?"

Friday 19th January 2007 21:45
The 312th Edition
Great peace of work, Thanks
Friday 19th January 2007 21:55The 312th Edition (Author Response)
Glad you liked it, Thanks.
Friday 19th January 2007 21:41
The 312th Edition
Excellent! What else needs to be said. Oh, yes, I guess there is one more thing---great idea using the format you did.
Friday 19th January 2007 21:54The 312th Edition (Author Response)
Thank you! I'm glad you liked the format. Took a bit of doing.
Friday 19th January 2007 19:16
The 312th Edition
Hi Ken

I went to PS to read a story...and there you were.

This was the first story I ever read from you. What amamzed me was how well you kept the tone of the story from start to finish. This must have tough to write. You managed to string up cold facts and made them riviting. Not too many people can do that.

That touch of Veridian was cute too.
Friday 19th January 2007 19:58The 312th Edition (Author Response)
Hi, Rachel. Thanks for visiting again!

This was the first ff story I ever wrote, too. Because it was written in a dry, academic style -- a style with which I was already depressingly familiar -- it was comparatively comfortable and a comparatively easy transition into fiction writing. Somehow it seems like a long time ago, although I know it's only been a few months...
Friday 19th January 2007 17:43
The 312th Edition
Fascinating and rich with detail. You had me engrossed with your creative imagination for the HP future. Well done! Assuming earlier editions were as good as this, I can certainly see why this would be Hermione's favourite book in the world while it would make Ron and Harry yawn their heads off!
Friday 19th January 2007 17:56The 312th Edition (Author Response)
Many thanks! I am honored. If you liked the "imagination" in this story, I'd be interested in your thoughts on my story, On the Headmaster's Wall, which should be posted in a few days. ~Ken
Friday 19th January 2007 15:12
The 312th Edition
this was so much fun to read, it's a kind of fanfic that i have been looking for a long time to read, and this fanfic is so true to its genre... Amazing job
Friday 19th January 2007 17:51The 312th Edition (Author Response)
Thank you very much. I'm glad that you liked it.
Friday 19th January 2007 14:39
The 312th Edition
"to the well-ordered mind, death is nothing but the next great adventure."

Wonderful! I got chills when I read it.
Friday 19th January 2007 17:49The 312th Edition (Author Response)
I am honored; thank you. To say that you got chills while reading a text as dry as this one is a high compliment indeed. ~Ken