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Reviews For Don't Scream by girlyswot

Sunday 4th March 2007 08:46
Don't Scream
Poor Charlie. People don't write about him enough (I don't either), but they should. He such a nice person. Evil of you to kill him though.

I loved Charlie's ex-boyfriend attitude... Was Tonks the one who dumped him? He took it well. But you always write people and their feelings and their surprising and unreasonable behaviour so very well.

Wonderful story with a great background.
Sunday 4th March 2007 12:31Don't Scream (Author Response)
I only killed him so that JKR wouldn't!!

you always write people and their feelings and their surprising and unreasonable behaviour so very well.

*dances excitedly* That's such a nice thing to say. People do have surprising and unreasonable behaviour a lot in real life, and my struggle when I'm writing is always that I want my characters to behave reasonably and sensibly.

I can't stop smiling!
Friday 23rd February 2007 13:31
Don't Scream
Poor Charlie.
Friday 23rd February 2007 15:11Don't Scream (Author Response)
I know.

I'm sort of hoping that because I wrote it, JKR won't have done!
Cho M
Monday 19th February 2007 18:38
Don't Scream
This is wonderful. It's been a while since I read fic and this was a perfect one to bring me back in. It wasn't too angsty, although it held plenty, and not cheesey at all. Perfect mix of everything. Great job!
Monday 19th February 2007 20:28Don't Scream (Author Response)
Thanks - I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for leaving a review.
No Idea Why I Smile
Friday 16th February 2007 15:17
Don't Scream
omg...thats sad...i liked it, but its sad....

but through my almost tears, i laughed at the authors note...

i liked it.

Friday 16th February 2007 16:12Don't Scream (Author Response)
I'm glad you liked it - I was sad writing it too.
Thursday 15th February 2007 22:32
Don't Scream
Didn't much like your Charlie (at least as far as how he interacted with Tonks), quote]

Oops! No offense intended...I see you love Charlie. Me, too, really. Didn't like his button-pushing, though...
Friday 16th February 2007 05:53Don't Scream (Author Response)
Hey, that's okay, you're entitled to your opinion. I was trying to show him with someone he's known and been close to for a long time (hence knowing all the buttons to push) and also scared but trying not to show it. Which doesn't make for the most immediately lovable combination.
Thursday 15th February 2007 22:28
Don't Scream
She won't...the book is DONE. It's just gonna take 6 months to get to us.

Finally a story with a realistic idea of what that poor little house would be like after so long. Didn't much like your Charlie (at least as far as how he interacted with Tonks), I'm afraid, but didn't dislike him enough to wish Bellatrix on him. The only Weasley who might possibly deserve her is Percy, and even then...

Congrats on a really good short!
Friday 16th February 2007 05:51Don't Scream (Author Response)
Yes, I know that really. Though when I wrote this last summer it wasn't.

Anyway thanks for reading and reviewing. The story wasn't meant to show Charlie at his most immediately lovable - he's pretty frightened too.
Thursday 15th February 2007 22:18
Don't Scream
He ran, willing it with every ounce of breath he possessed, not to be. Not to be what he already knew it was.

What a heartstopping line! It freezes the reader in motion. Excellent.
Friday 16th February 2007 05:50Don't Scream (Author Response)
Thanks Gerry!
Thursday 15th February 2007 14:58
Don't Scream
there\'s going to be more to this right
Thursday 15th February 2007 15:40Don't Scream (Author Response)
Sorry, not a chance. I couldn't possibly write a story in a world where Charlie's dead - I love him too much.
Grandma Kate
Thursday 15th February 2007 06:48
Don't Scream
I never expected you to kill our Charlie! Sob! The plot is quite action filled.

Maybe I am dense but I don't get this line-
Tonks scrambled slowly to her feet, took one long lustful look out of the window and followed them.


Is she looking at Remus or is it a 'wistful' look because she can't enjoy the reception?
Thursday 15th February 2007 08:07Don't Scream (Author Response)
I know - I said I was out of my comfort zone!!!

Oh, and that's definitely a look at Remus!
Thursday 15th February 2007 05:21
Don't Scream
I really liked this, especially the exchange between Charlie and Tonks. Good job!
Thursday 15th February 2007 05:28Don't Scream (Author Response)
Thanks - they were really fun to write, right up until I realised I had to kill Charlie.