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Reviews For Returning Were As Tedious by Rhetor

Saturday 18th August 2007 05:32
Returning Were As Tedious
what does this have to do with harry potter ?
Tuesday 21st August 2007 09:31Returning Were As Tedious (Author Response)
Harry shows up eventually, and he's important to the plot.


Thursday 5th July 2007 11:24
Returning Were As Tedious
Sorry for the late review. I've been away

What I love about this chapter is the ATMOSPHERE. You really nailed it. I am so looking forward to this. Great beginning.
Monday 9th July 2007 23:10Returning Were As Tedious (Author Response)
Thanks, Rachel. I hadn't realized that I hadn't replied to you yet. You're getting a footnote at the end of Chapter Two, by the way, since you were so adamant that there had to be a chapter about Snape's childhood.
Neli P
Thursday 28th June 2007 20:33
Returning Were As Tedious
A very good start, and I hate Snape Senior already There may be a slim, tiny, minuscule chance (!) that your story makes me change my mind about @#*& Severus. Anyway, I can't wait for the next chapters. Keep them coming, please
Friday 29th June 2007 09:16Returning Were As Tedious (Author Response)
Hi Nelli. Thanks for the praise. Hating Tobias is about right, right now. As for Severus, I'm not sure I'm trying to make anyone change her mind completely about him -- just understand how it all happened. ~Ken
Thursday 28th June 2007 10:34
Returning Were As Tedious
Now we all can learn how snape became such a greasy git :d
Love the concept AND the written stuff.
Looking forward to some more!!
Kiss Kiss
Thursday 28th June 2007 19:55Returning Were As Tedious (Author Response)
Thanks very much. I hope I'll live up to your expectations.

Grandma Kate
Thursday 28th June 2007 01:26
Returning Were As Tedious
Quite an interesting start. It seems somber for a love story. The future does not seem bright for Eileen and Tobias. We've not met him yet but I don't think many of us would want him for a friend.

I liked what Mary told Eileen-
"Listen to me, darling. Someone who loves you for what you really are is worth waiting for. Someone who will tell you he loves you is worth waiting for. Someone who won't ask you to run away from your life is worth waiting for. And you are worth having those things; you deserve them."
Thursday 28th June 2007 19:52Returning Were As Tedious (Author Response)
Thanks, Kate. Well, a love story it isn't, at least not at this point -- that's the tragedy of it, at least at the start.

I'm sure it didn't take you long to figure out why I gave Eileen's wise, loyal, romantic friend the name Mary...

Wednesday 27th June 2007 17:32
Returning Were As Tedious
I'm delighted to see that you are trying your had at a longer story -- quite a departure from your usual scintillating miniatures. This prologue is very promising, unhurried and yet foreboding in its understated ordinariness. I look forward to seeing more.
Wednesday 27th June 2007 19:35Returning Were As Tedious (Author Response)
Ooooh, "scintillating," is it? You're my friend for life. And I'm glad you felt the foreboding, which is pretty much all I was aiming for here.
Wednesday 27th June 2007 13:31
Returning Were As Tedious
Wow I've never read a story that's been totally Snape-centric like this before and goes through his whole life, and I'm really excited to see how this goes. I really feel for Eileen, who feels that she has to marry the first man who will give her attention because she thinks that no other man will want to marry her. I hope Tobias isn't totally horrible... but I don't think that's a reasonable hope, huh? =\
Oh and I was wondering, are David and Mary married? Cause I think they would be cute together, kind of like the nice Aunt and Uncle the Snape never had. Update soon!
Wednesday 27th June 2007 13:45Returning Were As Tedious (Author Response)
Thanks for the enthusiasm and the vote of confidence! I'll try to live up to it. (This is the first multi-chapter fic I've ever tried; let's see how much stamina I have!)

I'm not going to tell you what sort of bloke Tobias is; you'll find out in the next chapter.

David & Mary are just school friends; but we hear from them (or at least from Mary) later on.