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Reviews For Picking Up The Pieces by girlyswot

Tuesday 21st June 2011 23:05
Picking Up The Pieces
Excellent. Thank you.
Tuesday 15th January 2008 14:03
Picking Up The Pieces
Wow - really powerful.
Saturday 29th December 2007 07:34
Picking Up The Pieces
Wow fantastic speech!! So inspiring, it's no wonder Kingsley was chosen as Minister! Fab little story, thanks for sharing it.
Monday 12th November 2007 03:44
Picking Up The Pieces
Ok, so firstly, this story was recommended to me by our mutual beta because our stories are kind of compatible. I love this image of Kingsley setting things right! You write really well - I'm looking forward to reading through all of your other stuff. Thanks for this beautiful picture of the restoration of order in the Ministry - I loved it!
Friday 16th November 2007 19:48Picking Up The Pieces (Author Response)
I'll have to go and check yours out. Gerry's a great beta to work with.

And thanks for leaving me a review - I'm glad you enjoyed this.
Wednesday 22nd August 2007 17:06
Picking Up The Pieces
This was really good; I'm glad you chose this direction.
Wednesday 22nd August 2007 20:36Picking Up The Pieces (Author Response)
Thank you.
Tuesday 21st August 2007 11:08
Picking Up The Pieces
This was just great. I get the feeling you wrote this as a one-shot, but I'd love to read more about the Reconstruction, especially from Kinsley's POV! Please do consider extending this piece.
Tuesday 21st August 2007 17:47Picking Up The Pieces (Author Response)
Nope, no plans to write more of this, but I'm glad you liked it.
Monday 20th August 2007 06:13
Picking Up The Pieces
Gad, but I wish there were words to describe the impact this short fic had on me. You are indeed to be thanked for your work. I,m still quivering inside and as close to tears as I,ve been in a long time. I,ll never read another DH take off without comparing it to your short and poignant piece. It My thanks go out to you.
Monday 20th August 2007 20:41Picking Up The Pieces (Author Response)
Thank you for letting me know your response to this piece. I'm amazed at how much it seems to have struck a chord with people. It was hard to write but I'm glad I did.
Sunday 19th August 2007 16:24
Picking Up The Pieces
Nice look at the first day -- and a fine inspiring speech from Kingsley.
Monday 20th August 2007 20:41Picking Up The Pieces (Author Response)
Thank you.
Felix Felicis
Sunday 19th August 2007 14:32
Picking Up The Pieces
Beautifully written and full of detail and feeling. It feels like exactly what would happen on Kingsley's first day as Minister. His pain and anger with the events of the the last days and months could be focused on the start of rebuilding the Wizarding world. And, as often happens, the rebuilding must start with demolition, and the destruction of the statue as a symbol of what was and what is to come worked perfectly.

This story was dark and powerful, but even so, hope swelled beneath the ruin. Thank you for sharing this with us. It was beautiful.
Sunday 19th August 2007 15:08Picking Up The Pieces (Author Response)
Thank you so much for your review. I'm glad the story conveyed the sense of hope overcoming the evil that had gone before.
Sunday 19th August 2007 11:36
Picking Up The Pieces
I loved it, the statue made me sick too. I was so glad to see it destroyed.
Sunday 19th August 2007 12:39Picking Up The Pieces (Author Response)
Thanks. It was quite a cathartic process writing about the destruction of such a symbol of evil.
Sunday 19th August 2007 10:15
Picking Up The Pieces
I love the imagry of this piece; the doing-away with evil in a united effort to preserve the good just won. Kingsley's speech was inspiring. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Sunday 19th August 2007 12:39Picking Up The Pieces (Author Response)
You're welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Sunday 19th August 2007 00:35
Picking Up The Pieces
I wanted to reread my review. Thanks again for writing. p
Sunday 19th August 2007 00:21
Picking Up The Pieces
Thank you for writing this story. It was appropriate and welcome. I am old enough to remember friends I had gone to school with not coming back from Vietnam. My nephew was in Desert Storm. I remember talking to him about the number of Americans that died there. I foolishly said "At least it wasn't more than that!" He said, "One was too many!" That is what we need to remember about any war. "One death is too many!" Foolish reasons for war like "blood lines", "family heritage", "where ancesters came from", "color of skin", "religion", "wealth or lack of". All of these reasons are not good enough for one person to die for. We have to learn that lesson. I hope we do. Thanks for writing. p
Sunday 19th August 2007 12:40Picking Up The Pieces (Author Response)
Thank you. I'm glad that you found this little story meaningful. War is a truly horrible thing and I think that JKR showed us some of that in DH.
Saturday 18th August 2007 19:46
Picking Up The Pieces
Excellent story. Perfect characterization, excellent intent, and extremely vivid.

FYI, I\'m not sure the Nazis ever made human lampshades. See The Straight Dope on Human Lampshades
Saturday 18th August 2007 21:09Picking Up The Pieces (Author Response)
Thank you!

And that's interesting about the Nazis. Still gives me the shivers though, whether it actually happened or not. Just like that statue. Ugh!
Saturday 18th August 2007 16:44
Picking Up The Pieces
Interesting so far, but I believe that it should be classified as 'post-DH', not 'post-HBP'.

Saturday 18th August 2007 21:09Picking Up The Pieces (Author Response)
Quite right on the classification, sorry. I'll email my beta and see if it can be changed. This is just a one shot though, so don't expect any more.
Saturday 18th August 2007 16:18
Picking Up The Pieces
great work although it would have been funny to see also maybe you could do a present day one with harry and kingsly having to go and see gordon brown over a small problem it would be classic i also like the whole smashing of the grotesque statue it had to go to be honest, well enough of my rambling hope you keep up the good work
Saturday 18th August 2007 21:10Picking Up The Pieces (Author Response)
Thank you! I wonder whether Gordon Brown did indeed meet the 'Other Minister' on his first day! That was one of my favourite chapters in the whole series.
Saturday 18th August 2007 15:32
Picking Up The Pieces
Saturday 18th August 2007 21:10Picking Up The Pieces (Author Response)
Grandma Kate
Saturday 18th August 2007 14:54
Picking Up The Pieces
Quite good. You've captured an important first step in the renewal which is to come. It has to be a group effort.
Saturday 18th August 2007 21:11Picking Up The Pieces (Author Response)
Thanks, Kate. I definitely think this would be a time for people to work together.
Saturday 18th August 2007 13:39
Picking Up The Pieces
Very powerful. I tore through DH quickly enough (and have re-read spottily enough) that I had almost forgotten about that statue. Having Kingsley destroy it shows not only that he's the right man for the job but also that he has the integrity we'd all hope for instead of just being some toady waiting for his shot at power. Brilliant!
Saturday 18th August 2007 21:12Picking Up The Pieces (Author Response)
Thank you! I was a little surprised that Kingsley became the Minister and I wonder if he might not have been as well. I also think that no one would quite know what the right thing is to do on a day like that, so I wanted to show him just doing what felt right to him.
Saturday 18th August 2007 12:05
Picking Up The Pieces
This short piece is one of your best yet. What an excellent focal point for rebuilding a new world by destroying that hateful statue. I like the subtle gesture of Kingsley slipping a bit of the rubble into his pocket as a reminder of the past because I'm sure he knows that evil will be back before they know it. Wonderful bit of writing,
Saturday 18th August 2007 21:14Picking Up The Pieces (Author Response)
Thanks so much, Gerry. I like to think that Kingsley would have that chunk of stone displayed somewhere prominently in his office as a permanent reminder of the depths to which man can sink and also the strength people can find to oppose evil.