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Reviews For Quidditch Again by RIPHedwig

Monday 12th March 2012 19:02
Quidditch Again
I love Rose and Scorpius almost as much as I love Harry&Ginny and Ron&Hermione
Saturday 5th December 2009 19:03
Quidditch Again
haha awesome chapter!

although i noticed one mistake...
YES! SHE SCORES! Twenty-zero to Gryffindor, as Chandra puts an excellent goal past Courtney Bulstrode! Yes, yes!"

but right before that hugo was upset because slytherin had managed to score so shouldnt the score be 20-10?

Saturday 13th March 2010 05:38Quidditch Again (Author Response)
haha maybe Quidditch isn't as easy to write as I thought! Good spot, 10 points to Ravenclaw (you must be a Ravenclaw, no one else is as clever as that )
Glad you enjoyed it though!
Sunday 27th September 2009 06:07
Quidditch Again
Saturday 13th March 2010 05:39Quidditch Again (Author Response)
Monday 20th July 2009 14:45
Quidditch Again
What the flip?!?!?!?!!? You scared me! meanie-head!
Saturday 13th March 2010 05:39Quidditch Again (Author Response)
Thanks for the review B
Saturday 30th August 2008 15:21
Quidditch Again
only pretending to revise, eh? Naughty naughty.
Saturday 27th September 2008 15:26Quidditch Again (Author Response)
well it paid off didn't it? all the pretending...

And Rog, btw. Didn't know what u were talking about until I checked my A/Ns!

Saturday 30th August 2008 15:18
Quidditch Again
Pretty good one, though I have to say, I get so confused with all the James Lily Fred business. Also, Albus is the most unlikely keeper ever.
But nevertheless, you never fail to disappoint, except when it comes to missing me out of your A/N section. Who talked for hours with you about this story when Les was looking for moss? That would be me. and btw, Roger or George, cos both of them played, didn't they? You mention family loads in your N/As. Except me.
Brillopad, sus!
Saturday 27th September 2008 15:24Quidditch Again (Author Response)
Ok, ok. I promise to write more and mention you. Happy? Crikey.
Anyway I'm glad you liked it and yes you probably do deserve a mention cos you did talk to me quite a lot about this!!
Lovelove xxx
Monday 7th July 2008 11:32
Quidditch Again
that was very cute! i knew i was gonna end up reading rose/scorpius fluff as soon as they mentioned that character in the epilogue =] very enjoyable!
Saturday 27th September 2008 15:22Quidditch Again (Author Response)
Thank you very much. Yeah, wasn't keen on R/S at first but then gave in to the pull of the hundreds of stories involving those two, found I loved it and ended up writing one! Thanks for reviewing!
Sunday 1st June 2008 13:13
Quidditch Again
Such an unexpected ending! I love stories where you think you know what's going to happen and then there's a major twist at the end and the complete opposite of what you thought happens! Superb!
Sunday 1st June 2008 14:52Quidditch Again (Author Response)
Wow, thank you.
I guess I always knew what was going to happen and had it stored for ages before I decided to send it to my beta, so I forget that readers will have found the ending a real shock!
I'm pleased you liked it, the ending has been a bit of a controversial subject! 20th review - thank you! B
Tuesday 27th May 2008 22:41
Quidditch Again
Haha, sweet! I love the ending. And all the kids are so cute.
Wednesday 28th May 2008 11:12Quidditch Again (Author Response)
Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! Yeah I had fun with the characterisation of the kids, especially James! B
Monday 26th May 2008 19:02
Quidditch Again
Another cute story. I was a little disappointed that we saw no interhouse movement between the generations - I would have expected some after the war - but you saved the biggest interhouse "shift" for the end, which shows that the world HAS changed. Despite the shock of their elders.
Wednesday 28th May 2008 10:36Quidditch Again (Author Response)
Thank you. Yeah, I think if the kids had changed houses the ending would have been a little less shocking. But only a little Thanks! B
Saturday 24th May 2008 19:07
Quidditch Again
I loved the ending!!!! It was great!
Wednesday 28th May 2008 10:31Quidditch Again (Author Response)
Thursday 22nd May 2008 07:54
Quidditch Again
ahaha!!! that was awesome!!!
! imagine if harry and malfoy had to become inlaws!!! yikes!
Thursday 22nd May 2008 10:28Quidditch Again (Author Response)
Hmm... interesting idea! Ugh can you imagine the wedding/family reunions?! Lol
Thank you! B
Wednesday 21st May 2008 07:41
Quidditch Again
wow, a great story yet again!

write more...soon please!

I do have do agree that JK was hinting at the Scorpius/Rose thing, however much people may hate it!
Wednesday 21st May 2008 08:59Quidditch Again (Author Response)
Yeah she so was!
Am working on something else at the mo... whilst pretending to revise!
Wednesday 21st May 2008 00:19
Quidditch Again
This was unusual! An obvious foul, no investigation, the cup handed to the Slytherins and Rose kissing Scorpius who caused her to lose!?! Harry blown away by the whole thing! Is there going to be a sequel? Thanks for writing. p
Wednesday 21st May 2008 09:01Quidditch Again (Author Response)
Thank you! Yeah... I think unusual is the word
Am thinking about a sequel...
Tuesday 20th May 2008 20:37
Quidditch Again
I love your writing style and this story is WONDERFUL!!!!! I also love the ending it was so funny and really not expected.

Another great story!
Wednesday 21st May 2008 08:57Quidditch Again (Author Response)
Thank you! I'm glad you liked the ending!
Tuesday 20th May 2008 09:55
Quidditch Again
Love it!
I love the fact that Hugo and James were's ja vu....
Oh, Merlin, how I hate Umbridge..
scorpius/rose rocks!
Tuesday 20th May 2008 10:29Quidditch Again (Author Response)
Wow thanks! Well, I had to have James and Hugo following in their fathers' footsteps! I know, me too. Was reading HP5 earlier and gnnn! I just hate her! Lol Thanks for your review!
Grandma Kate
Tuesday 20th May 2008 09:35
Quidditch Again
Nice twist at the end after excellent descriptions of Quidditch and the responses of the parents watching.
Tuesday 20th May 2008 10:30Quidditch Again (Author Response)
Thank you! I thought Quidditch would be hard to write but it really wasn't!
Tuesday 20th May 2008 08:52
Quidditch Again
Oh boy, that was so funny to read! thanks for writing it. :
Tuesday 20th May 2008 10:27Quidditch Again (Author Response)
Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks!
Fics by Fumph
Tuesday 20th May 2008 08:27
Quidditch Again
Oh, this was great!

I'm not a Rose/Scorpius shipper, but I do think that's what JKR was hinting at!
Tuesday 20th May 2008 08:38Quidditch Again (Author Response)
Thanks, that's how I feel, too... Which is odd, considering I wrote a story about them getting together!
By the way, I loved your stories: Beautiful Boy and It Started With a Kiss made me cry!
Tuesday 20th May 2008 07:52
Quidditch Again
Nice story.

I just didn't like the last line - to be honest I am not exactly a fan of Rose and Scorpius. It was weird.

But it is a nice fic.

Domain (AKA Dome 36)
Tuesday 20th May 2008 08:21Quidditch Again (Author Response)
Thank you.
I didn't like Rose and Scorpius either at first, then I reread the ending of Deathly Hallows, and thought JKR maybe could have been hinting...
Anyway, I enjoyed writing this to get my head round how they'd get together, and I'm glad you liked it! Am getting very mixed responses about this story! lol. B
Tuesday 20th May 2008 07:50
Quidditch Again
Nice story.

I just didn't like the last line - to be honest I am not exactly a fan of Rose and Scorpius. It was weird.

But it is a nice fic.

Domain (AKA Dome 36)
Tuesday 20th May 2008 07:43
Quidditch Again
That was really good! Don't suppose there will be a follow up????
Tuesday 20th May 2008 08:18Quidditch Again (Author Response)
Thank you! I'm going for 'maybe' on the follow up! We'll see, keep an eye out! B
Tuesday 20th May 2008 07:42
Quidditch Again
Slightly confusing, isn't it? And shouldn't it be Ron whose legs give way?
Tuesday 20th May 2008 08:17Quidditch Again (Author Response)
What's confusing? And Ron had already exited - Hermione, lucky thing, got to deal with him!
Thanks for reviewing! B
Tuesday 20th May 2008 04:07
Quidditch Again
LOL. You have definitely gone barmy. Either that or I am very very confused. James gets detention because of something Scorpios said about Rose and now, after a foul, Rose gets to kiss Scorpios? I really would love a part 2 or another one shot following this!

Tuesday 20th May 2008 07:35Quidditch Again (Author Response)
Ok, I possibly agree with the barmy bit but I take it from the 'Excellent' that you liked it?! I'll let you know if any more creative juices flow and I get inspiration for another one shot!
Thanks for your review! B
Tuesday 20th May 2008 04:05
Quidditch Again
LOL. You have definitely gone barmy. Either that or I am very very confused. James gets detention because of something Scorpios said about Rose and now, after a foul, Rose gets to kiss Scorpios? I really would love a part 2 or another one shot following this!

Tuesday 20th May 2008 02:07
Quidditch Again
Cute until the end. No matter how much Rose and Scorpio like each other, she's a Weasley (Quidditch mad) and he fouled her. I think that she would forgive him, but only after she demonstrated her proficiency with her aunt's favorite hex.

Tuesday 20th May 2008 07:38Quidditch Again (Author Response)
Well, she did shout about (that's the Hermione in her) and I think she was close to hexing Scopius but then he kissed her...
I'm glad you liked the rest of it, anyway! B
Tuesday 20th May 2008 00:52
Quidditch Again
I thought this was a really good story right up until the end where scoprpius and rose kissed, that was a bit annoying but it was a really good story otherwise.
Tuesday 20th May 2008 07:28Quidditch Again (Author Response)
Haha, ok not too keen on the ending but thanks for your review anyway! B