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Reviews For Hearthlinks by Grace has Victory

Friday 22nd August 2008 09:42
Cute, keep writing - I love this group of little Hufflepuff girls. I like how you've used names from the books - Sally-Anne Perks was mentioned in Philosopher's Stone, wasn't she? Haha I'm such a geek. - But you've also created new characters, yet linked them to JKR's. Megan's auntie Gwenog is Gwenog Jones, I'm guessing?

Friday 22nd August 2008 16:02Hearthlinks (Author Response)
Thanks, RIPHedwig! Yes, Sally-Anne is sorted in the first book, but we don't even find out to which house, and she isn't mentioned again. I didn't invent "Megan Jones" because this name appears as a Hufflepuff half-blood in JKR's working notes. Yes, she is indeed a niece of Gwenog; in fact, I write in another story that Hestia Jones is Gwenog's sister-in-law. The same list also includes "Roper, So..." You can't read the rest of the information about this character, but this was my inspiration for Sophie. Is all this geeky enough for you? Love, GhV
Monday 18th August 2008 11:48
Great start, I can't wait to see where this goes. I'm always a sucker for a good Cinderella story. Great job!
Monday 18th August 2008 14:38Hearthlinks (Author Response)
Thank you! And the plot will "go" in a predictable direction, so I hope I manage to entertain you anyway. Best wishes, GhV