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Reviews For The Hog's Head by MyGinevra

Friday 6th November 2009 17:16
The Hog's Head
haha yay I think that ginny will prob get newts in everything lol
and the ceremony was nice
and poor orion lol I find it neat that you included the owlets in your story ive never actually really thought about how owls get trained to deliver messges...
Tuesday 9th December 2008 15:44
The Hog's Head
Wow! Finally Ginny is out of school. This was a good chapter. Lots of emotions about NEWTS and school ending and work starting. I understand why Ginny feels a little empty at the moment. It is like looking forwrd to something for so long that it is a little let down when it finally happens. Life is a jouney not a destination. You have to enjoy all the scenery along the way! Thanks for writing. I look forward to the wedding and the beginning of their married life together. Thanks for writing. Draw the ending out as long as you like. After stories are good! p
Tuesday 9th December 2008 16:36The Hog's Head (Author Response)

You are so right about life being a journey, but there are moments when the journey is punctuated by a wonderful event. The next chapter will be just that. I can't wait to see what you think about it!

Check out the Edit Progress for The Hog's Head. I posted a link there that you may be interested in.

Monday 8th December 2008 11:55
The Hog's Head
Once again, a beautiful chapter! I just finished reading it on my lunch break and had looked forward to reading it all morning. (It makes the afternoon a little more bearable to be able to escape into the world of Harry and Ginny for a while.)

I love the slow transition that has taken place over the past year, taking Harry and Ginny into adulthood. They are both doing what they want to do, and not letting their love hamper their decisions or vice versa. (Which is ideally how it should be in all can dare to dream I suppose.)

You have written not only a fabulous peice of fan fiction, but an amazing love story! (With a few death eaters and blown up noses in the mix).

I can't wait to read the end! Thanks for all your hard work and effort that has gone into this beautiful story.
Monday 8th December 2008 17:02The Hog's Head (Author Response)

It makes me happy to help people get through the day, especially with a dose of and .

That's a good observation, that they have grown up over the course of the year; I like that! And you use the right word -- "ideally" -- because what they have in HH is my version of an idealized love. But it's a great thing to wish for and strive for. I hope you can come close.

Sunday 7th December 2008 20:54
The Hog's Head
These last two chapters were great.
I loved the holyhead tryouts because of the introduction to ginger.
I believe that she fits right into your story and im glad that she was invited to the wedding. i think ginny needs a friend like that outside of hermione.
im also glad that ginny is now finished hogwarts and that she is a free bird. she can now fully enjoy her time with harry and can have fun while planning this upcoming wedding (which i cant wait for)
thanks as always for writing, cause i know i sure love to read it.
i plan on reading the whole story over again during the christmas break. should be good to pick up on details that i would otherside have forgotten.
thanks again, hope to read more soon (thanks for the two chapters up so quick from each other)
keep up the great work
Monday 8th December 2008 06:09The Hog's Head (Author Response)
Hey Brend!

The whole story should be posted by Christmas, so you can enjoy it all then. I so appreciate all the time you have taken to review each chapter. Thanks!

Sunday 7th December 2008 12:45
The Hog's Head
wow, we're so spoiled!
Sunday 7th December 2008 14:04The Hog's Head (Author Response)
I'm not sure what you mean, but I guess, thanks.