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Reviews For One Blink by rich.sanidad

Tuesday 10th March 2009 08:09
One Blink
That's our girl!

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Tuesday 10th March 2009 15:52One Blink (Author Response)
Hmm... a CC fan, eh? Well, as's 'ship guidelines are quite straightforward, I hope you have no misconceptions about where this story might be heading. Thanks for the read and review.
Monday 9th March 2009 20:27
One Blink
Good start so far. I hope Harry can console her. Thanks for sharing.
Thursday 12th March 2009 14:39One Blink (Author Response)
Thank you for the read and review. Hope you like the rest of the story.
Monday 9th March 2009 18:39
One Blink
Very interesting. Looking foward to the outcome!
Thursday 12th March 2009 14:37One Blink (Author Response)
Thanks. Hope you stick around for the whole thing.
Monday 9th March 2009 14:31
One Blink
A good start to what looks like an interesting variation of cannon. Keep it up!
Thursday 12th March 2009 14:37One Blink (Author Response)
Thank you for the kind words and the encouragement. I hope you enjoy my twists on canon in future chapters as well.
Monday 9th March 2009 12:37
One Blink
Really interesting concept, and I thought you wrote it very well. It's very rare to see an original idea these days! it is something to think about, how much the outcome of that match caused the begining of Ginny and Harry's relationship. Please keep going with the story! I'm following 3 or four stories at the moment, and none of them have updated for months, so i would love to see the end of this one!
Tuesday 10th March 2009 15:51One Blink (Author Response)
Thanks for the review. The next few chapters are done and my beta and I are working to get them up to the best of our ability. I hope the story lives up to your expectations.
Monday 9th March 2009 12:29
One Blink
Oh this is a sad moment for Ginny. She did win the game but they lost the cup. They really played a great game though. I look forward to more of this story. Thank you for writing. p
Tuesday 10th March 2009 15:49One Blink (Author Response)
Thanks for the review. Hope you're ready for the journey. When all is said and done this story will be around twelve chapters long.