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Reviews For One Blink by rich.sanidad

Thursday 23rd July 2009 21:52
One Blink
I like it so. far's always nice to have a 'what if' point of view...
Friday 24th July 2009 21:19One Blink (Author Response)
Thanks for taking the time to check it out. I hope you enjoy the rest of it.
The Boss
Monday 1st June 2009 03:42
One Blink
Ahh what a shame Ginny had to come down to hear those last three words...
Blame Ginny Weasley
Well hope all is going to get better in the next few chapters. Great story so far - really looking forward to reading more

The Boss
Friday 20th March 2009 11:08
One Blink
Nice start! Can't wait to see HOW she is going to fix this!

Ginny hears "Blame Ginny Weasley" and sees this as "Harry already regarded her as an equal". This is GREAT . . . she expects him to want her to own up to whatever she does and I'm sure he would - but come on Ginny - never publically!

Really looking forward to reading more!
Saturday 14th March 2009 17:33
One Blink
ahaha, that was nice . "Blame Ginny Weasly"

Good so far, gona see what's next
Thursday 12th March 2009 11:44
One Blink
i didn't actually think before, about how much Ginny and Harry's relationship would dispell the rumours about ther other things. I really like the slant you took with that, as in HBP Harry says that for once he was happy about the rumours being spread about them, and here they're making them miserable as usual.

and you bloody well better not blame Ginny Weasley

I really liked this quote in particular. Good man Harry standing up for Ginny!
Thursday 12th March 2009 14:41One Blink (Author Response)
I'm glad you're enjoying the story. Thanks for the read and review.
Thursday 12th March 2009 08:36
One Blink
I wonder who is going to said something first Harry or Ginny? Great story so far. Thanks for sharing.
Thursday 12th March 2009 14:40One Blink (Author Response)
Good question. I won't spoil the next chapter by answering it, but it is interesting that you're not sure who will try to break the ice first. :
Wednesday 11th March 2009 19:26
One Blink
Oh Ginny Ginny Ginny...

I was so relieved when Ginny learned the truth BEFORE the end of this chapter. I don't deal well with cliffhangers.
Thursday 12th March 2009 07:09One Blink (Author Response)
You don't like cliffhangers? Oh dear... Well... if one should happen in the next chapter or two, my beta and I will do our best to get the next chapter out straight away. You know... if one should happen to occur...
Wednesday 11th March 2009 17:36
One Blink
Petrificus Totalus, such a useful spell...

Kidding aside, a nicely done chapter. The added misunderstanding having done it's work, its good that you don't dwell on it overly long. I'm looking forward to seeing more.
Thursday 12th March 2009 07:02One Blink (Author Response)
Thank you for the generous review. Personally, I would have annoyed myself if the misunderstanding had continued on into the next chapter.
Auntie Minerva
Wednesday 11th March 2009 07:17
One Blink
This is nicely written and is plausible and imaginative. Keep up the good work -- I look forward to reading more!
Thursday 12th March 2009 07:01One Blink (Author Response)
Thank you for the kind review. I hope you enjoy the rest of the story.
Wednesday 11th March 2009 03:12
One Blink
Thank goodness. Now Ginny knows what Harry really said but it has been quite a while since she started avoiding everyone. Poor Harry. He doesn't know what he did to drive Ginny away and he really misses her. I hope Ginny comes up with a good way to fix this. I look forward to more of this story. Thanks for writing. p
Thursday 12th March 2009 07:00One Blink (Author Response)
Thanks for the read/review. Glad you're enjoying the story.